What charger does ASUS use?

The compact ASUS 65W USB-C Adapter is a 65W AC Adapter with a USB Type-C (USB-C) connector and designed for ASUS laptops that support charging via USB-C.

What is the laptop charger connector called?

AC Adapters
Most of the time there is a cable at the each end of the adapter, one side connects to the power point and other side connects to the electronic equipment such as Laptop or Audio player. These are widely known as “AC Adapters” or is the technical name for a “switching power supply”.

Can I use ASUS Charger for another Asus laptop?

All ASUS charge plugs are inter-compatible (really useful for meetings!)

Are all Asus Chargers the same?

No, but you can find universal laptop chargers online that are pretty cheap. Look for one that has the same power rating as your current charger (i.e. 60W, 90W, etc.) and one that has a tip that matches the one you’ve got from Asus and you’re all set.

What connectors does my laptop have?

Common Laptop Video Connectors:

  • VGA. VGA is an old but popular video output that is still present on many PC laptops.
  • DVI. DVI is found on some older PC laptops and continues to be used on many desktops.
  • Display Port. Display Port is found on many PC laptops.
  • HDMI.
  • Thunderbolt.
  • USB-C.

How do I fix my laptop charger not charging?

How to fix a laptop that won’t charge

  1. Check to see if you’re plugged in.
  2. Confirm you’re using the correct port.
  3. Remove the battery.
  4. Examine your power cords for any breaks or unusual bending.
  5. Update your drivers.
  6. Survey the health of your charging port.
  7. Let your PC cool down.
  8. Seek professional assistance.

Are all Asus laptop charger the same?

For the best performance, please use ASUS original AC adapter and power cable for your ASUS notebook to avoid compatibility issues. Do not use different adapters on different models, or plugging in different sizes of connectors might cause damages.

Can you charge Asus laptop with USB?

While the Asus reps’ answers are technically correct (you cannot use the USB-C port to charge the laptop), you absolutely can use USB-C chargers to charge this laptop if you’re willing to buy a simple adapter that can be found online for less that $10 US.