What clan was Masamune from?

Date Masamune

Date Masamune 伊達政宗
Allegiance Date clan Toyotomi clan Eastern Army Tokugawa shogunate
Rank Daimyo
Unit Date clan
Commands Aizuwakamatsu Castle

Was Date Masamune a samurai?

Date Masamune (September 5, 1567 – June 27, 1636) Masamune was an outstanding tactician, a brilliant leader, a fearless warrior and the lord of Sendai. He was respected amongst the samurai as being loyal, ethical but totally ruthless, a most able administrator, and an aggressive and ambitious daimyo.

How many swords did Date Masamune use?

His reputation for using six swords, and his overwhelming strength in battle, have given him the nickname “One-Eyed Dragon,” with his swords being his “Dragon’s Claws.”

What was the date of Masamune’s death?

Date Masamune (伊達 政宗?) (September 5, 1567 – June 27, 1636) was a Japanese samurai of the Azuchi-Momoyama period through early Edo period. Heir to a long line of powerful daimyo in the Tōhoku region, he went on to found the modern-day city of Sendai.

What happens to Masamune in Samurai Warriors 2?

Like Oichi, Masamune matures into a young man in Samurai Warriors 2 but retains most aspects of his personality. By the time he unifies Ōshū, he realizes he is no match against Hideyoshi and surrenders in the hopes to keep his homelands. His participation in the siege of Odawara Castle keeps his reputation favorable and his seat in Ōshū intact.

What kind of Swords does Masamune Date use?

Here is a collection of Masamune Date’s weapons in the Warriors series. Description: Swords carved out of fine oak. Description: Hard wooden swords that can shatter bones on impact. Description: Swords carved out of an ancient, mystical spruce. Description: Legendary swords made in the likeness of the dragon god.

How is Masamune related to Keiji Maeda?

In Samurai Warriors, Masamune is a young boy in charge of an army who recklessly charges and interrupts many important battles (ie: Kawanakajima,Honnoji, etc.) by aiming to defeat both armies at once. The closest he has to a friendship with the characters is him helping Keiji Maeda in his last stage.