What country is Miralem Pjanic from?

Miralem Pjanić/Nationality

How old is Pjanic?

31 years (April 2, 1990)
Miralem Pjanić/Age

In a statement, Besiktas said the Black Eagles agreed with Pjanic and the Spanish giants to finalize the 31-year-old star’s temporary transfer. Besiktas added that the Istanbul club will pay a €2.75 million (over $3.2 million) net salary for the player in the 2021-2022 season.

Where is Pjanic playing now?

Beşiktaş J.K.#15 / Midfielder
Bosnia and Herzegovina national football teamMidfielder
Miralem Pjanić/Current teams

Who has Pjanic played for?

Who is Miralem Pjanic wife?

Personal life. Pjanić is a Muslim and an ethnic Bosniak. He has a son named Edin with his longtime girlfriend, Josepha from Nice.

How tall is Pjanic in feet?

5′ 10″
Miralem Pjanić/Height

How many matches did Pjanic play for Barca?


2SEASONS 30Oficial matches 1298Minutes played
2020-21 30 1298
2021-22 0 0

Is Pjanic a defensive midfielder?

A display of what positions Miralem Pjanić has played in over the last 50 matches including his average matchrating on the specific position….Played Positions (Last 50 Matches)

Defensive Midfielder (Centre) 20 7.0
Attacking Midfielder (Centre) 2
Goalkeeper 1 6.2

How many minutes did Pjanic play for Barca?

Is Pjanic box to box?

Miralem Pjanic has also been used as a holding midfielder and as a box to box midfielder.

Has Pjanic played for Barcelona yet?

Bosnian midfielder Miralem Pjanic has become the latest player to leave Barcelona this summer after joining Besiktas on loan, the Turkish club announced on Friday. Besiktas announced that they will pay €2.7 million ($3.2m) in order to secure the 31-year-old until June 2022.

What kind of football player is Miralem Pjanic?

Miralem Pjanić. Miralem Pjanić (Bosnian pronunciation: [mirâːlem pjâːnitɕ]; born 2 April 1990) is a Bosnian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Serie A club Juventus and the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team.

How old was Miralem Pjanic when he joined Metz?

While at Schifflange, Pjanić drew interest from several Belgian, Dutch and German clubs, but agreed to join Metz in France in 2004. Pjanić was recommended by former Metz player and Luxembourg international Guy Hellers. Pjanić joined Metz at age 14 on a youth contract and spent approximately three years in the club’s academy.

When did Miralem Pjanic sign his new contract?

On 11 May 2014, Pjanić signed a new contract which will last until 30 June 2018. In a friendly tournament in Denver in July, he scored from inside his own half, but Roma lost 3–2 to Manchester United. In the 2014–15 season, he became considered as a rising star in Italian football, scoring 5 times and assisting 10 goals.