What county is the Gila National Forest in?

(The Blue Range Primitive Area lies within Arizona in the neighboring Apache National Forest.) The forest lies in southern Catron, northern Grant, western Sierra, and extreme northeastern Hidalgo counties in southwestern New Mexico. Forest headquarters are located in Silver City, New Mexico.

Are there fire restrictions in the Gila National Forest?

Fire restrictions for the Gila National Forest include allowing campfires only in designated developed campgrounds and picnic areas, and must be in a Forest Service provided metal grill or metal fire pits. Fires in rock rings will not be allowed.

Can you camp anywhere in Gila National Forest?

You may camp outside of developed campgrounds anywhere on the Forest at no charge. If you choose to camp outside developed areas, be sure to bring adequate water or be prepared to purify any water so… The majority of campgrounds on the Gila National Forest are primitive and offer dispersed camping.

What is the meaning of Gila?

/gīlā/ moist adjective. Something that is moist is slightly wet. soggy adjective.

How do you pronounce Gila NM?

A:Gila is another Spanish word. The G is pronounced as an H: Hee-la.

What is there to do in Gila New Mexico?

Mimbres Culture Heritage Site.

  • Mogollon mining ghost town and Catwalk National Recreation Area.
  • Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument.
  • Lordsburg and the Shakespeare and Steins railroad ghost town tour.
  • Old Hatchita mining ghost town.
  • Silver City historic district, museum and art gallery tour.
  • What fires are burning in New Mexico?


    • Quemado bog fire burns 380 acres, 60% contained. Wildfires / 1 month ago.
    • El Rito fire 100% contained. Wildfires / 2 months ago.
    • Amargo Fire burning 1,296 acres west of Dulce; 50% contained. Wildfires.
    • 2 fires burn in Cibola National Forest.
    • Johnson Fire burned 88,918 acres in Gila National Forest.

    Are there fire restrictions in New Mexico?

    Open Burning: Open fires are restricted. This includes the burning of cropland, fields, rangeland, debris burning, slash piles, prescribed burning or weed burning. There is an exception for open burning on croplands that are irrigated.

    Can you camp in the cliff dwellings?

    While there is no camping available in Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument there are four United States Forest Service campgrounds within a 10 minute drive of the park.

    Where is the Gila National Forest located?

    Gila National Forest. Located in New Mexico, the Gila National Forest has spectacular scenery ranging from high cool mountains with aspen and douglas fir to warm semi-arid lowlands with juniper, oak and cactus. It is one of the more remote and least developed National Forests in the southwest.

    What is the Gila Wilderness?

    The Gila Wilderness is located in southwest New Mexico, north of Silver City and east of Reserve. It contains the West Fork , Middle Fork and much of the East Fork of the Gila River ; riverside elevations of around 4,850 feet (1,480 m) are the lowest in the wilderness. The Mogollon Mountains traverse an arc across the wilderness.

    What is the National Forest in New Mexico?

    Carson National Forest Carson is the northernmost national forest in New Mexico, covering 1.5 million acres of the Rocky Mountains around Taos, either side of the Rio Grande, and including the highest summit in the state, 13,161 foot Wheeler Peak . Most is wooded, steep, and crossed by numerous ravines,…