What did Chris Harrison think of Juan Pablo?

Chris Harrison shared his thoughts on Juan Pablo’s tweets. He admitted that the controversial lead is still “family” despite what he said on Twitter. On Tuesday, September 29, Chris told People that he “didn’t know we were, or weren’t, over him.” That’s our Juan Pablo, so, love him or not, he’s family.”

What did Juan Pablo always say?

More videos on YouTube “He said, ‘I love f—ing you, but I don’t know you,’” a source confirmed to Us Weekly. During the final rose ceremony, Clare told Juan Pablo how she really felt about him, and fans are still here for it.

What contestant was Chris Harrison talking about?

In an interview with ABC News’ “Good Morning America,” Harrison addressed his comments defending “Bachelor” contestant Rachael Kirkconnell, whose old photos showed her attending an antebellum plantation-themed fraternity formal in 2018. She was also accused of liking a photo containing the Confederate flag.

Who dumped Clare in The Bachelor?

Juan Pablo Galavis
Clare Crawly is all about that revenge look! Clare revealed that she kept the dress she wore when she split with Juan Pablo Galavis during “The Bachelor” finale in 2014.

Who was The Bachelor after Juan Pablo?

Bachelor Stars Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell Reunite After 7 Years: ‘Catching Up’

What offensive thing did Juan Pablo say to Clare?

Clare walked out on Juan Pablo during the final rose ceremony after feeling disrespected and insulted. “I lost respect for you because I thought I knew what kind of man you are but what you made me just go through… I would never want my children having a father like you,” she exclaimed to her ex.

What did Juan Pablo say to Claire that was offensive?

It was insulting and it was offensive.” The outlet allegedly followed up with a source from the season, confirming exactly what Juan whispered in her ear that wasn’t shared during the season. “He said, ‘I love f—king you but I don’t know you,’” the source told the outlet.

What did Chris Harrison say to defend Rachel?

In a Feb. 9 interview with Lindsay for Extra, Harrison said that there should be “a little grace, a little understanding, a little compassion,” for Kirkconnell, adding that things are viewed in a different “lens” in 2021 than 2018.

Why was Chris Harrison not on the Bachelorette?

Harrison has stepped away from “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” franchise after he was under fire for defending Rachael Kirkconnell’s controversial photos during an interview with former Bachelorette contestant Rachel Lindsay.

Who was the worst bachelor?

Juan Pablo Galavis Juan Pablo is the Bachelor that everyone loved to hate — he’s even been declared the worst bachelor in history. His unsavory reputation is warranted: He made headlines for saying there should never be a gay bachelor and used the word “pervert” in his reasoning.

Who is Juan Pablo with now?

He chose Nikki Ferrell on season 18 of The Bachelor, but the two ended their relationship in October 2014. In 2016, he began dating Venezuelan model and TV host Osmariel Villalobos. On August 7, 2017, it was announced that the two had married.

How long did Nikki and Juan Pablo date?

Ultimately, Juan Pablo chose Nikki Ferrell as his winner, but their relationship ended only seven months later. They split for many of the same reasons that other Bachelor couples break up, according to E! News.