What did Eminem say about Jessica Simpson?

The rapper says the reason he they aped Jessica Simpson was because she was actually fat at the time the video was made. He tells the Metro Times: “Jessica got fat. I mean, not really fat, but she certainly got fat.

What Eminem video is Trisha in?

The 29-year-old YouTuber, who entered the CBB house last night, slipped into very tiny denim shorts and red crop top to writhe around with the rapper in his 2009 music video for You Made Me.

Who played Jessica Simpson in Eminem video?

Trisha Paytas
The video features appearances from Lisa Ann as Sarah Palin, Trisha Paytas as Jessica Simpson, and Derrick Barry, a famous Britney Spears female impersonator, as Spears. The video also features appearances from Dr. Dre and 50 Cent as themselves.

Why does Eminem hate Jessica Simpson?

One of the celebrities that Eminem disses on the video is Jessica Simpson. However the rapper explained to Detroit’s Metro Times that he held back from being too cruel about the singer’s weight gain as he is a Cowboys fan and he didn’t want to upset Simpson’s boyfriend, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo.

Who sings the chorus in We Made You Eminem?

We Made You/Artists

Does Eminem have a son?

Hailie Jade
Alaina Marie MathersWhitney Scott Mathers

Why did Eminem diss Jessica Simpson?

What is Trisha paytas ethnicity?

Paytas was born in Riverside, California. They’re of Hungarian descent. Their parents divorced when they were three, and they relocated with their mother to Freeport, Illinois, where they spent most of their childhood. Paytas has two siblings; an older brother and a younger, maternal half-sister.

Why does Eminem hate Lady Gaga?

According to NME, he said “I think Lady Gaga, as an artist you know, she’s undeniable. That was one of them things written where sometimes I get a joke in my head and I kinda want to share it with the world. So it was just one of them things man, and it’s, you know, it’s all in fun. It’s hip-hop.”