What did Iverson say about practice?

Nineteen years ago, Allen Iverson sat in front of the media covering his Philadelphia 76ers and said the word “practice” 22 times. The now-legendary rant encapsulated Iverson for all that he was — funny, proud, indignant, exasperating, misunderstood.

Were not talking about the game were talking about practice?

I mean, it’s strange, it’s strange to me too. But we talkin’ bout practice, man. We not even talkin’ bout the game, the actual game, when it matters. We talkin’ bout practice.”

Who was Allen Iverson talking about hate?

Who does Iverson hate? Fans believe 76ers icon called out Jason Whitlock. While on the podcast, Iverson refused to name the personality but clarified that he was not talking about Skip Bayless.

Who was AI talking about?

The NBA legend was quick to clarify that it wasn’t Skip Bayless that he was talking about. While initially Twitter users were confused as to who it could be, a few fans dug up some old articles about Iverson and thus were convinced that it was Jason Whitlock he was speaking about.

Why is Iverson good?

Iverson was one of the greatest scorers ever and not many players could put the ball in the hoop like he could. The 2000-2005 Allen Iverson is probably the quickest player in NBA history and he had the abilities to take games over anytime he wanted to. e played harder than anyone ever has and was fearless.

Who is Allen Iverson married to?

Tawanna Turnerm. 2001–2013
Allen Iverson/Spouse

Did Iverson Sue Post Malone?

PHILADELPHIA – Former NBA superstar Allen Iverson has won a $6,000,000 lawsuit against Post Malone for his hit song “White Iverson”. — We knew this day would come— Post Malone settling on lawsuit for getting sued by Philadelphia 76’ers legend Allen Iverson 3 years ago.

Who put peanut butter on Iverson?

“We were in our dorm, and I was asleep. And I woke up and had peanut butter between my feet and all in my hands and a [expletive] tickling my face. I slapped my face — peanut butter everywhere. Tim snitched on who did it.”

Who is Jason Whitlock daddy?

James Whitlock
Jason Whitlock/Fathers

Who was Allen Iverson referring too?

So he’s out, even if Skip tried to take credit (because of course, he did). I have love for you, too, Allen Iverson. Iverson’s statement that its “a guy that do exactly what you do” might have put the focus on his former counterpart, Stephen A. Smith.