What did Kaori and Kousei play?

The audience members recognise Kousei as the pianist from the piano competitions, and question why he’s playing as an accompanist. While Kaori plays by herself, Kousei remembers what his mother told him about the piano. “The piano is you. If you touch it gently, it will smile.

Does Kousei win his first competition?

In the manga, it is heavily implied that Kousei won the competition in which he performed Ballade No. Protagonist Kousei Arima was strictly taught how to play the piano by his mother, and as a child, he won many piano competitions by using his talent to perform with unparalleled precision.

Who is Kousei’s girlfriend?

Kaori Miyazono Each encounter had Kousei realize the importance of himself as a musician, as well as learn more about Kaori and become closer to her, something which eventually flourished into romantic feelings.

What does Elohim Essaim Elohim Essaim I implore you mean?

Elohim Essaim Elohim Essaim i implore you means God on High, God of Hosts, God on high, God of hosts, I implore you. It is basically asking god to capture people’s attention.

Does Watari like Kaori?

Watari is a kind, outgoing and friendly boy. Watari tells Arima that “it is up to the girl to decide whether you are worth it or not”. He supports Arima falling in love with Kaori even though Watari quite likes her.

How tall is Takeshi AIZA?

Takeshi Aiza
Age 14
Height 170cm
Status Alive
Relatives Nagi Aiza (younger sister)

Does Takeshi hate Kousei?

Takeshi is a honest and straightforward guy who is very upfront about his rivalry and hatred at first for Kousei Arima. This hatred is later revealed to be an admiration of Kousei and how he looked up to Kousei as a hero. He then starts hating him because Kousei and his little sister, Nagi, played a duet.

What happened to Kousei’s dad?

Arima Kousei had received a letter from the government that his father had perished in an unimaginable earthquake in Japan. It was a very painful moment for him as it had only been a month after Miyazono Kaori passed away.

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