What did Stampy upload in place of Terraria?

The majority of viewers that took part voted for the third option, and thus Stampy would upload a new series to be broadcast to take the place of Terraria until the issues were fixed. Lego The Hobbit eventually became a temporary replacement to Terraria.

Who was the last person Stampy defeated in terraria?

In episode 140, Stampy defeated Plantera. In episode 147, Stampy defeated the Golem. In episode 143-145, Stampy fought Ocram. Ocram despawned in episodes 143 and 144, and Stampy lost in episode 145, but defeated him that same episode. In episodes 159-161, Stampy fought Duke Fishron and died.

Where does the video game Terraria take place?

As the title suggests all videos are set inside the Xbox 360 video game ‘Terraria’ which has a resemblance to Minecraft . Stampy was usually joined by Lee in every episode, along with other guest appearances from other ‘helpers’, like the Lovely World.

Who was killed in Episode 26 of stampylongnose?

In episode 26, Stampy fought the Eater of Worlds alongside Lee and Tankmatt. While Tankmatt was killed, Stampy and Lee killed the Eater. In episode 28, Stampy, Lee, and Squid battled King Slime and defeated it, despite dying multiple times.

How many views does stampylongnose have on YouTube?

His playthrough has over 300 million views, making him the most viewed Terraria YouTuber. It is his second most-viewed playthrough, behind Minecraft with over 5 billion views. After Stampy transferred to 1.3 on the Xbox One, he lost his access to Stampy’s Wonderful World and can no longer fight Ocram.

When is the last episode of Terraria coming out?

The series returned on 14th August 2014. The final episode of Terraria was uploaded on 22nd October 2016 before he went on a long hiatus on the series. The series currently has 163 episodes and 7 livestreams as of 19th March 2020. The series is unconfirmed to be discontinued, but the delay may just mean he is waiting for the 1.3 console update.

What was Stampy’s Wonderful World on Xbox 360?

One was “Stampy’s Wonderful World”, the world he had played in during the series’ run on the Xbox 360. The other was the “World of Wonder”, his new and the current world that he plays on upon the transfer of his character to Xbox One.

When did the first episode of Stampy come out?

Stampy was usually joined by Lee in every episode, along with other guest appearances from other ‘helpers’, like the Lovely World. Since then they no longer appeared in his videos, and thus, Stampy is playing the game by himself. The first episode was uploaded on 27th March 2013.