What do I do with my plants when I go on vacation?

How to take care of plants when you are on vacation

  1. Water the Plants. Just before leaving, water the plants.
  2. Use a Wick. Take a container full of water, a cotton rope or a natural fibre rope.
  3. DIY Drip System.
  4. A Houseplant Bath.
  5. Plastic Bag Greenhouse.
  6. Lay Mulch.
  7. Appoint a Plant Sitter.

How can I water my plants on vacation for 2 weeks?

Place gallon jugs or jars of water (size dependent on how long you expect to be gone) alongside your plant with a piece of twine or yarn in the water, and the other end around the soil of the plant. The water will wick from the jug to the plant and keep it’s soil moist while you are gone.

How can I keep plants alive for 2 months?

Seal the plant inside a clear plastic bag. Now place the plant in a clear plastic bag. A bag from the cleaners or a transparent bag for fall leaves will be needed for large plants, while you can recycle the transparent bags of your choice for smaller ones.

How can I keep my house plants alive while on vacation?

How to Keep Your Plants Alive While You’re On Vacation

  1. Shower your plants. Before you head off for vacation, give your plants a good shower—literally.
  2. Use self-watering planters.
  3. Or self-watering bulbs.
  4. Move plants to a shady area.

How do I leave a plant for 2 weeks?

Bathtub or Shower

  1. Place your houseplants in a bath or sink with shallow water and let them draw up the moisture for 10 minutes.
  2. Then, put them back into their pots, so your prized plants aren’t sitting in stagnant water for long periods of time.

Can I leave my plants for a week?

The good news is that it’s perfectly fine to leave plants on their own while you’re away. It just takes a little planning and forethought. Well-watered houseplants will last for days, even a week, on their own.

How long can plants go without water?

The typical fully-grown plants can go without water for a week before they start showing symptoms. This will depend on the type of plant as succulents can go for months without water, dormant plants can go for weeks, but fruit, vegetable, and flowering plants won’t last more than 4 to 7 days.

Does wick watering work?

Simply put, a wick watering system wicks water to your plants so they don’t dry out when you aren’t able to keep them watered. This is great if you have to go out of town for a few days or if you are planning a vacation.

How can I water my house plants while on vacation for a month?

Fill up your sink or bathtub with a few inches of water and lay a towel inside to protect against scratches. Rest your potted plants in the sink and leave them while you’re gone. The soil will draw water up to the roots, keeping the plant hydrated for up to one week.

How do you water outdoor potted plants while on vacation?

Place pots with holes in the bottom in a long, shallow container filled with about 3–4 inches (7.6–10.2 cm) of water. You can use a large basin or other container, or move your plants into your bathtub. Be sure that your container is in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

What to do if you’re leaving your plants for a week?

Place them in the middle of the room so that the heat and light from the windows does not dry them out as fast as usual. Even if it’s a full-sun plant, it can handle a week or two of lower than ideal light. Once you return, you can move your plants back to their usual spot.

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How often should I water my plants while on vacation?

This is the most obvious answer. In the past we also had someone come and care for our pet. This person usually did not mind watering plants once or twice during the week we were away. Even if you don’t have a pet, you can contact pet sitters or house sitters and see what they charge for a house visit.