What do six line wrasses eat?

The Six Line Wrasse diet should include vitamin enriched frozen mysis shrimp, vitamin enriched frozen brine shrimp, and other meaty foods along with a high quality marine flake and marine pellet food.

What is a six line wrasse?

6 Line Wrasses are considered reef-safe and would leave corals and most invertebrates alone. They might even act as cleaner fish and peck parasites or algae off larger fish, rocks, or plants. They are even able to keep a pyramid snail population in control.

How much is a six line wrasse?

Item # Description Price
003030 Six Line Wrasse, 1″-2.5″, Indo Pacific $34.99

Do six line wrasse eat shrimp?

I have had a six line wrasse with peppermint and cleaner shrimp for a couple of years. There have been no problems.

Can wrasse live with clownfish?

Given their size and semi-aggressive temperament Red Coris Wrasses are ideal tankmates for the larger, more aggressive Clownfish species.

Are six line wrasse jumpers?

ALL wrasses are jumpers and REQUIRE a covered tank.

Why do wrasses jump?

There are many reasons a wrasse may jump: startled, chased, excited, mating dance, etc… Adding a screen top is a simple, inexpensive solution to keep them safe.

Do six line wrasses sleep in the sand?

A six line may use sand as an hiding place and I have heard (never experienced) them to sleep in the sand (personally doubt it). However, six line wrasses create a mucous cocoon (not sand friendly) to “hide” themselves at night. They do this in the rocks primarily.

How long does a six line wrasse live?

Length/Diameter of fish: Six Line Wrasse adults reach up to 3.9 inches (10 cm), and have been reported to live up to 10 years in the home aquarium. Maintenance difficulty: Though sensitive during acclimation, these fish are hardy and easy to maintain once they are established in the aquarium.

Will wrasse eat cleaner shrimp?

Yeah. I have a 6 line with a cleaner and they get along fine.

Do wrasse fish eat shrimp?

The elegant wrasse (Anampses elegans) is a carnivore that will eat small crustaceans and invertebrates. They will eat shrimp, fish, and other tank fed foods and are a fairly easy wrasse to care for in an aquarium.