What do you do when the side of your foot is swollen?

Other ways to alleviate swollen feet include:

  1. drinking plenty of water.
  2. wearing compression socks or stockings.
  3. soaking the feet in cool water.
  4. raising the feet above the heart regularly.
  5. staying active.
  6. losing weight if overweight.
  7. eating a healthful diet and being mindful of salt intake.
  8. massaging the feet.

How do you treat outer foot pain?

How to relieve lateral foot pain

  1. Resting the foot.
  2. Icing the foot with covered cold packs regularly for 20 minutes at a time.
  3. Compressing your foot by wearing an elastic bandage.
  4. Elevating your foot above your heart to reduce swelling.

Can you have a stress fracture on the outside of your foot?

Stress fractures in the fifth metatarsal bone (on the outer side of the foot) or in the navicular or talus bones take longer to heal. Your doctor may apply a cast to your foot to keep your bones in a fixed position and to remove the stress on your involved leg.

What causes pain on the outer edge of the foot?

Burning pain on the outside edge of the foot can be caused by improper footwear, infection or a serious medical condition. Diabetes, peripheral neuropathy and obesity are all factors that can affect the foot, causing pain and burning sensations.

How do you treat pain on the foot’s outer edge?

If you think you may have broken a bone, see a doctor and have an X-ray. To treat it: Take pain relievers. Rest, ice, and elevate your foot. Don’t walk on it. Ask your doctor if surgery is necessary.

What causes swelling under toes?

Individuals with swollen toes may also be experiencing pain, discoloration of the toes, or limited range of motion. Common causes of toes swelling include bacterial or fungal infection of the toe or toenail, an injury to the toes that may also cause purple toes, or inflammation of the toe joints.

What is the outer side of the foot?

The cuboid bone is one of the bones on the lateral side of the foot, also known as the outside of the foot.