What do you need to know about lowrider hydraulics?

The basic hydraulic suspension is made up of a few different car hydraulic parts. Each one provided by CCE gives you ultimate performance, reliability, and budget consciousness. Our expert technicians are trained and have the knowledge to answer any questions you may have about your current lowrider hydraulic parts or installing a new system.

How does a lowrider suspension work in a car?

With the right pieces in the right places, lowrider hydraulics today can make it possible for automobiles to bounce up and down as well as jump or hop up to six feet off the ground. The most coveted type of suspension is a hydraulic suspension because it can raise and lower the car quickly, making it hop and jump or even dance.

Where does the power come from in a lowrider pump?

Batteries: This is where the pump gets its power. The more batteries you use, the faster the lift. Solenoids: This is responsible for switching power from the batteries to the bump. It’s basically a heavy-duty relay that delivers power.

Why is raising and lowering a lowrider hard?

Raising and lowering a car can cause a lot of leaks, which can be quite costly and messy to fix. Because of their modifications, rough roads and even speed bumps are hard on lowriders. They often don’t have the clearance necessary to smooth over even the smallest bump in the road.

Who is Stang industries and what do they do?

Stang Industries, Inc. Proven solutions for over 75-years custom-engineered water delivery systems

How can I Make my Car a lowrider?

By adding simple accessories like an accumulator or additional controls, you can finally create the lowrider of your dreams. If you’re ready to give your car that extra lift it needs, give us a call today to get started.