What do you write in a mitigation hearing by mail?

Tips when writing a letter of mitigation

  • The letter should be short and to the point.
  • You should say you accept full responsibility and say you regret what you’ve done.
  • You should say that you’re determined not to offend again.
  • If this is your first offence, you should say so.

How do you write a mitigation hearing letter?


  1. Each letter should be typed in an easy to read font and signed in ink.
  2. It is OK for the attorney to ask that a letter focus on specific areas or topics;
  3. The letters can include detailed information, examples or short stories to make a point to the judge.

How do you address a mitigation letter?

Open your letter with the salutation “Your Honor” or “Dear Honorable Judge Jones.” In the opening paragraph, briefly describe why you’re writing and the circumstances behind the incident.

What are some examples of mitigating factors?

What Are Some Examples of Mitigating Factors?

  • The defendant’s age.
  • The defendant’s mental capacity.
  • The crime was an accident.
  • Self defense.
  • Provocation or “heat of passion”
  • The defendant repented from his actions.

How do you write a mitigation statement?

Mitigating circumstances typically fall into two categories: facts about the crime and facts about the offender.

  1. Start With the Basics.
  2. Explain the Mitigating Circumstances.
  3. Don’t Throw the Kitchen Sink At It.
  4. Show Genuine Remorse.
  5. Focus on the Future.

What is a mitigation investigation?

A mitigation investigation is research into the past. It is a collected history of the defendant’s life, starting from birth through early childhood, school days and adolescence, tracing significant factors that might have effected the defendant’s physical, social, emotional and psychological development.

What is mitigation hearing?

A mitigation hearing is where you admit you committed the violation, but wish to explain the circumstances of the infraction. To request a mitigation hearing you should check box two. The Judge, depending on the explanation and your record, may adjust the penalty.

What do you need to know about letter of mitigation?

A letter of mitigation is a document that a defendant in a criminal case writes to the court. It follows a guilty plea or a conviction after trial. The letter includes factors that the defendant wants the judge or magistrates to take into account when they decide the sentence.

When to avoid a letter of mitigation for speeding?

A letter or a mitigation statement is useful for cases dealt with under the single justice procedure or matters with a full-court hearing where you do not need to attend. When should I avoid a letter of mitigation?

How to write a letter for the court?

Start With the Basics. Begin by writing the name of the presiding judge and the court in the address block, followed by the case name and number. Include the date. Open your letter with the salutation “Your Honor” or “Dear Honorable Judge Jones.”.

How to find the outcome of a disciplinary hearing?

Letter giving outcome of the disciplinary hearing (dismissal for gross misconduct) (W2064777).DOC [EMPLOYEE’S NAME] [ADDRESS] [DATE] Dear [EMPLOYEE’S NAME] Outcome of disciplinary hearing I am writing to confirm the outcome of the disciplinary hearing that took place on [DATE].