What do you write to a newborn boy?

Congratulations on the arrival of your happy and healthy new-born! We hope you enjoy this special time and make lots of wonderful memories. Looking forward to meeting him/her and sending all our best wishes. So thrilled to hear about the arrival of your beautiful new baby boy/girl.

How do you say good luck to someone having a baby?

“Wishing you an easy delivery and healthy baby,” “Wishing you health and joy as you welcome your new baby,” or “May you all be happy and healthy!”

What should I write to my newborn nephew?

What should I write to my newborn nephew?

  • Dear Weston,
  • I love you already.
  • Always Be Yourself.
  • Take Your Time And Don’t Worry.
  • Time is our most precious resource.
  • Find Work That You Really Enjoy.
  • But please, please, please don’t take any job you don’t enjoy.
  • Keep Trying, Even If You Fall Down.

How do you wish a small baby?

Happy birthday, baby! My little baby darling, may every year of your life be as happy-go-lucky as the past one year! A special baby like you deserves nothing but love and happiness, and may your life always be this fulfilling!

How do you congratulate a pregnancy?

What to write in a newborn baby boy card?

Write your sentiment in a blank baby card, or use light blue card stock and your best handwriting to convey your good wishes. Whether you use rhymes or wishes deep from your heart, the effort you take to create a special message will please the new parents.

What to say new baby?

New baby wishes for a baby boy “Wishing you all the happiness and love in the world on the day your baby boy has arrived – beyond delighted for you all!” “Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy!” “The day is finally here and so is he! “I couldn’t be any happier for you both on the arrival of your little man!

How do you write Baby congratulations?

Tips To Write A Birth Congratulations Letter As it is regarding the birth of a baby be polite in your writing. Enquire about the baby and congratulate the couple. Wish them good luck for their future. Also, mention about the new responsibility they need to carry. Always proofread to avoid spelling and other grammatical errors.

What to say in baby gift card?

Inspirational words for the main part of your baby congratulations cards: New life, new experiences, new thrills. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. May your child be blessed and cradled with love and joy.