What does a category manager do?

Category managers are integral to the development and success of a product or service. It is their job to manage the product category or range and be responsible for the pricing and overall promotion of that product or service.

How much does a manager at Target earn?

Average Target Store Manager yearly pay in the United States is approximately $102,823, which is 127% above the national average. Salary information comes from 25 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

Is a category manager a buyer?

Category Managers. First off, you have to recognize the difference between a category manager and a buyer. Often, buyers will label themselves as category managers due to the overlap between their responsibilities. A buyer’s job is to conduct the purchasing process by engaging with a specific supplier.

What skills do category managers need?

An excellent category manager must have extensive experience in understanding consumer needs and the retail environment. They must have a commercial mindset and full comprehension of marketing and sales principles. Exceptional communication skills are also key for category managers.

What are the 4 P’s of category management?

The 4 P’s of category management are product, price, placement and promotion. The category manager will ensure that the right products are bought based on his analysis of the previous sales reports and current consumer trends.

What is the role of category manager in retail?

Category Managers in the retail industry are generally responsible for sales optimization of a particular group of products. Category Managers are usually involved in vendor management, pricing, marketing and inventory fields as well.

Do you need a degree to be a manager at Target?

While they don’t require a bachelor’s degree, they do prefer that you have one. Target’s educational requirement is that you have a four-year degree or equivalent experience.

Do target managers get bonuses?

Executive and store managers could get more Target Corp. Store managers, executive team leaders and salaried distribution center leaders will be given a bonus ranging from $1,000 to $2,000.

Is category manager a good career?

They often work with marketing and sales teams to ensure the development of quality products that meet market demands. If you’re interested in pursuing a career that combines marketing, sales and analytical approaches to promoting products and services, category management may be an excellent career choice.

What is a category manager salary?

Category Manager Salary

Percentile Salary Location
25th Percentile Category Manager Salary $101,554 US
50th Percentile Category Manager Salary $112,662 US
75th Percentile Category Manager Salary $125,148 US
90th Percentile Category Manager Salary $136,515 US

What is a good category manager?

A category manager needs a broad range of skills to be successful: Hard analytical skills, such as the ability to analyze large swaths of data to identify trends and gaps in the market, the ability to implement a strategic plan aligned with the goals of the business, as well as soft skills to communicate and negotiate …

What are the six components of category management?

It’s possible to see five or six steps within the category plan.

  • Step One: Define the Category.
  • Step Two: Assess the Category’s Role.
  • Step Three: Assess Performance.
  • Step Four: Set Objectives and Targets.
  • Step Five: Develop Strategies.
  • Step Six: Category Tactics.
  • Step Seven: Implementation.
  • Step Eight: Review.

What do you need to know about the target management team?

You’ll provide critical support to the management team while also enjoying the dynamic culture that defines work at Target. By identifying, evaluating and mitigating risks, this team plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of our team members, stores, guests and physical assets.

Who are the people that work at Target?

From guest service professionals and product designers, to vendor managers and financial and workforce management analysts, FRS comprises several key and high-visibility areas that elevate and nurture Target’s distinctive reputation. Our distribution center teams are key to our success.

Who is the chief human resources officer for target?

Melissa Kremer is executive vice president and chief human resources officer for Target and a member of its executive leadership team. In her role, she leads all aspects of HR for Target’s global team of read more

How does target work with suppliers around the world?

Target works closely with suppliers around the world. We constantly seek new and innovative ways to deliver more value to our guests while strengthening communities where we do business. Our relationships with our suppliers are closely connected with the great shopping experiences we create for our guests.