What does AEW Capital Management do?

AEW Capital Management, L.P. (“AEW”) was founded in 1981. AEW provides investment advisory and related services focused on creating and implementing real estate related investment and asset management strategies.


AEW UK REIT plc is a closed-ended real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company’s investment objective is to deliver an attractive total return to shareholders from investing predominantly in a portfolio of smaller commercial properties in the United Kingdom.

Does Natixis own AEW?

AEW SA. AEW SA is AEW Capital Management’s sister company and is owned by Natixis Investment Managers and La Banque Postale. r.l., AEW SAS and AEW Invest GmbH and a joint venture with AEW UK Investment Management LLP, is a European real estate investment manager with headquarter offices in Paris and London.

Will AEW come to the UK?

On May 8, 2019, AEW reached a new media rights deal with British media company ITV plc to broadcast AEW shows on ITV4. In the United Kingdom, Dynamite is added to ITV Hub on Thursday evenings, and airs on ITV4 on Friday nights.

What company owns AEW?

All Elite Wrestling

Sideview of company headquarters, TIAA Bank Field, located in Jacksonville, Florida.
Services Licensing
Owner Shahid Khan Tony Khan
Divisions AEW Games AEW Heels AEW Music Shop AEW
Website www.allelitewrestling.com

Would WWE buy AEW?

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T says “never say never” in regards to WWE possibly purchasing AEW in the future. During a recent episode of his Hall of Fame Podcast, Booker was asked if he could see WWE buying AEW one day, like they did WCW in 2001.

Is Cody Rhodes the owner of AEW?

The former TNT Champion was one of the founders of the company along with Young Bucks. However, Cody doesn’t own any part of AEW as the brand is owned by American business tycoon Shahid Khan and his son Tony Khan. Cody is one of the four executive vice presidents of AEW.

Who is the owner of AEW?

owner Tony Khan
AEW owner Tony Khan initially envisioned a pro wrestling show that contained all of the industry’s most captivating qualities: established talent, new stars, compelling matches and unpredictability. Two years into Dynamite, Khan is thrilled with the early results.

How can I watch AEW rampage in the UK?

How to watch ‘AEW: Rampage’ without cable

  1. Sling TV ($10 off first month, $35/month after)
  2. FITE (Only available internationally in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand)
  3. Hulu Live TV (7-day free trial, $64.99/month after)
  4. Sling TV ($10 off first month, $35/month after)

What channel is AEW on UK 2021?

Catch up on the ITV Hub Hard-hitting action from the world of All Elite Wrestling, featuring all of the biggest stars on the roster, including Adam Page, Chris Jericho, Cody and Jon Moxley.

Where is AEW Investment Management LLP registered in the UK?

AEW UK Investment Management LLP (“AEW UK”). Registered in England and Wales, Registered No. OC367686 at 33 Jermyn Street, London SW1Y 6DN. Authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority, Registration No. 577962.

Who are the owners of AEW Global Advisors?

AEW Global Advisors Europe Ltd. (“AEW GAE”) is a wholly owned UK subsidiary of AEW Capital Management. AEW GAE is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK as a limited license investment firm.

Who is AEW GAE and what does it do?

AEW GAE is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK as a limited license investment firm. AEW Capital Management has appointed AEW GAE to serve as sub-adviser in providing discretionary investment management services to clients with respect to regional investment portfolios in the Europe region.

How does AEW research support real estate investment?

AEW Research has a team of dedicated economists in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific providing fundamental support to our investment professionals around the globe. Our research based approach is integrated at every level of the investment decision-making process. Come in! We’re Open.