What does anti pollution fault mean on Peugeot 308?

Anti pollution warning message If you have noticed that the Anti-pollution warning message has come up on the dashboard, then you have a problem with the Peugeot Emission Filter (PEF). This filter is responsible for removing any harmful particles, from the exhaust system.

What does it mean when my car says anti pollution fault?

The antipollution light is indicating that the fuel/air mixture is incorrect. The ‘stuttery’ symptom may also be connected as a misfire or partial misfire can trigger the antipollution light. The low coolant level combined with these other symptoms could be pointing to a head gasket issue.

What does Peugeot HDi mean?

High-pressure direct injection
HDi – a diesel engine (HDi stands for High-pressure direct injection) eHDi – a diesel engine with start /stop technology. The engine cuts out when the vehicle comes to a standstill (such as at traffic lights) and restarts when the accelerator is depressed.

How many Litres of oil does a Peugeot 308 take?

Model: Peugeot 308 (2007 – 2013)

1 2
308 1.4 16V VTi (2009 – 2013) EP3 4.25 / 0.25
308 1.6 Bioflex (NFU) (2007 – 2013) TU5JP4 3.25 / 0.25
308 1.6 16V VTi (2007 – 2009) EP6 4.3
308 1.6 16V VTi (2009 – 2013) EP6 4.25 / 0.25

What causes anti pollution fault?

The Anti Pollution Fault is a fault that can appear on the information display in the instrument cluster. The reason why this fault occurs differs from model to model. In the 207 (and the 207cc) this fault is often caused by the ECU or the head gasket.

Is 1.6 HDi a good engine?

1.6 HDi Engine Problems And Reliability. There are conflicting legends about the reliability and resource of the 1.6 HDi 16-valve engine. Some say that this motor is very reliable and serves faithfully, the main thing is only to service it on time. For others, this engine causes ongoing problems and repair costs.

What is a 1.6 e HDi engine?

The e-HDi uses a 1.6-litre oil-burning engine, instead of the 2.0-litre unit, and packs all the firm’s eco know-how under the bonnet to save fuel and slash CO2 emissions.