What does Cheltenham hospital Specialise in?

We provide a full range of medical and surgical specialities delivered in state-of-the-art clinical facilities, including orthopaedics, cosmetic surgery, spinal services, sports injury, ENT, gynaecology, urology, as well as a rapid access breast clinic.

How many beds does Cheltenham hospital have?

The high-pressure role’s healthy salary is offset by the prospect of the successful candidate having to make tough decisions to free up some of the 960 beds at the major hospitals in Cheltenham and Gloucester.

How much is parking at Cheltenham hospital?

Our parking charges are in line with other car parks in Cheltenham and Gloucester, to discourage people who are not visiting our hospitals from parking in our car parks….Cost of parking.

Up to 1 hour £2.40
Up to 3 hours £5.80
Up to 4 hours £6.90
Up to 6 hours £8.40
Up to 24 hours £11.50

Where is the medical day unit at Cheltenham hospital?

The unit is located on the second floor, Centre Block at Cheltenham General Hospital.

Where is the Oakley Suite Cheltenham?

When was Cheltenham General Hospital built?

1813, Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Cheltenham General Hospital/Founded

The Cheltenham Provident Dispensary was founded in 1813, and after moving to Seward House, was renamed Cheltenham General Hospital in 1839. The new General Hospital building in Sandford Road, designed by D. J. Humphries and built between 1848 and 1849, has since served as the main hospital in Cheltenham.

How many beds does Gloucester Royal hospital have?

Gloucester Royal Hospital/Number of beds

Can you pay by card at hospital car park?

There are three payment options for patients and visitors: At the pay and display machines via cash or card (contactless is accepted) which must be done before leaving the car park.

Is disabled parking free at Cheltenham hospital?

All car parks across the hospital site have a number of disabled bays for Disabled Blue Badge holders and may park free in accessible spaces. If you are unable to find a vacant accessible disabled space, you must pay for your parking at the current patient and visitor rates advertised across the car parks.

What is a medical day unit?

The Medical Day Unit (MDU) at Sutton delivers day care, chemotherapy and other supportive treatments. The staff on the unit specialise in all aspects of chemotherapy management. There are 29 chairs on the unit, in four separate treatment areas.

Who owns Gloucester Royal Hospital?

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Gloucestershire Royal Hospital is an acute District General Hospital on the Great Western Road in Gloucester operated by the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

When was Gloucester Royal Hospital built?

Gloucester Royal Hospital/Founded

Where is Cheltenham General Hospital in Cheltenham located?

Our full address for Cheltenham General Hospital is: Cheltenham General Hospital. Sandford Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 7AN. Car Parks. There are 3 car parks on site.

Is there a bus from Cheltenham to Gloucester?

Minor Injuries Unit Something unexpected occurred with the service. Please try again later. Dedicated bus service (Stagecoach service 99) runs from Cheltenham Racecourse Park and Ride, via a stop on Albion Street, to Cheltenham General Hospital and directly on to Gloucester Royal Infirmary.

How can I get to the hospital in Pulham?

To find out how to get here using public transport, visit the Gloucestershire Public Transport Information website or call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33. You can also use Pulham’s 99 bus service which runs between our two hospital sites.

Is there a way to get to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital?

If you need help getting to the hospital, you may be entitled to non-emergency hospital transport. If you receive Income Support or other benefits, you might also be able to reclaim your travel and parking expenses. Directions to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital can be found using the map below.