What does flies in the face of mean?

Fly in the face of means to directly challenge something or act in defiance of something, as in His bold behavior flies in the face of everything we expect from a vice president.

What’s another way to say in the face of?

What is another word for in the face of?

despite notwithstanding
regardless of in spite of
for all in defiance of
even with even after
undeterred by irrespective of

What can I say instead of fly?

fly 1

  • travel through the air, wing its way, wing, glide, soar, wheel.
  • flutter, flit.
  • hover, hang.
  • take wing, take to the air, mount.

How do you say time flies in other words?

Synonyms for time fliestime flies

  1. time fliesproverb. Synonyms: tempus fugit.
  2. time fliesproverb. Time seems to pass quickly. Time flies when you’re having fun. Synonyms: tempus fugit.

What is the meaning of the idiom above board?

If something is aboveboard, it’s done in a completely honest, straightforward way. When a company’s business dealings are aboveboard, they act in an honorable, open manner.

What does it mean to make a beeline?

informal. : to go quickly and directly at or to (something or someone) He made a beeline for the kitchen.

How do you describe someone in-your-face?


  • aggressive,
  • ambitious,
  • assertive,
  • enterprising,
  • fierce,
  • go-getting,
  • high-pressure,
  • militant,

What can I use instead of the face of?

in the face of

  • against.
  • although.
  • even though.
  • even with.
  • in contempt of.
  • in defiance of.
  • notwithstanding.
  • undeterred by.

What do you call someone who can fly?

An aircraft pilot or aviator is a person who controls the flight of an aircraft by operating its directional flight controls. Other aircrew members, such as drone operators, flight attendants, mechanics and ground crew, are not classified as aviators.

How do you express time flies?

Time passes quickly, as in It’s midnight already? Time flies when you’re having fun, or I guess it’s ten years since I last saw you-how time flies. This idiom was first recorded about 1800 but Shakespeare used a similar phrase, “the swiftest hours, as they flew,” as did Alexander Pope, “swift fly the years.”

Are there any synonyms for fly in the face of?

Synonyms for fly in the face of. annihilate. belie. cancel out. disallow. disprove. invalidate. neutralize.

What are the synonyms for’face it’?

Bernard stood there face to face with Mrs. Vivian, whose eyes seemed to plead with him more than ever. A Yankee, whose face had been mauled in a pot-house brawl, assured General Jackson that he had received his scars in battle. With a suffocating gasp, she fell back into the chair on which she sat, and covered her face with her hands.

What is the opposite of flies in the face of?

“Doesn’t that sort of fly in the face of this argument that big money corrupts the system?” To face something unpleasant with courage and fortitude What is the opposite of flies in the face of?