What does food represent in The Hunger Games?

In Panem, it is clear that food symbolizes life, as those citizens with access to food are less likely to be chosen for the Games and therefore less likely to put their lives in jeopardy. In addition to being represented in the name Panem, bread serves as a key symbol in the novels by representing hope and change.

What are some symbols in Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games Symbols, Imagery, Allegory

  • The Thirteen Districts. As we learn from the novel’s first chapter, the country of Panem is located in what once was North America.
  • The Mockingjay Pin.
  • Reality Television.
  • Food, Glorious Food.
  • Dandelions.
  • Rue’s Flowers.
  • The Double Suicide.

What does bread symbolize in Hunger Games?

It’s a small loaf of breed from district 11. The people thank Katniss with this gesture and they don’t want to let debts go unpaid. This time bread stands as a symbol of gratitude and brotherhood.

What does fish symbolize in The Hunger Games?

“By late morning, we had a dozen fish…” (Collins 11). Fish represent eternity or a source of life. This connects to the story because if Katniss had not been able to catch fish her and her family may have starved to death.

What did District 13 eat?

District 13

  • Mashed turnips.
  • Mushy beets.
  • Stewed squash w/garlic.

What does goat cheese symbolize?

goat cheese: Represents fertility, moving from dark to light/ light to dark. Nightlock is a poisonous berries in the forests. they did nightlock pills and these pills are taken to commit suicide, for the people to kill themselves. It’s also a symbol of love and the refusal to let one live without the other.

What does a mockingjay symbolize?

Mockingjays. The mockingjay represents defiance in the novel, with the bird’s symbolism deriving initially from its origins. When Katniss later sees mockingjays, they remind her of Rue, and that memory inevitably stirs her hatred of the Capitol and her wish to rebel, and take revenge, against it.

What is Katniss a symbolize in The Hunger Games?

In the novel’s case, that one person is Katniss Everdeen (Fisher 27). Her actions in the games inspire the districts to fight against the oppressiveness of the Capitol. In the novel, the mockingjay pin Katniss wears becomes a symbol of rebellion. In the book, the mockingjay is a political weapon.

What does the Capitol symbolize in The Hunger Games?

The Capitol symbolizes oppression and control. The Capitol of the Nation of Panem rules its districts with fear and harsh punishment.

What does the Mockingjay symbolize in The Hunger Games?

What does Rue’s flowers symbolize in The Hunger Games?

RueThe rue plant (Ruta) is an evergreen “herb-of-grace” that carries many metaphors. It’s been called the plant of purity and it is featured in many cultural and religious ceremonies. In literature, it has been used as a symbol of both regret and freedom.

How are food symbols used in The Hunger Games?

A final example of food symbolism in The Hunger Games trilogy is the use of berries to symbolize sacrifice. At the beginning of the first novel when Gale brings Katniss a loaf of bread, the two friends also eat berries together (Collins, Hunger Games 8).

What does the loaf of bread represent in The Hunger Games?

This warm loaf of bread from district 12 is a symbol of home and safety for Katniss. Later in the book it represents a memory of the woods and Gale for her. When Peeta is chosen as the boy tribute, a memory flashes into Katniss mind. When she was younger, there was a time when her family was close to starvation.

What did Katniss do at the end of The Hunger Games?

In a final act of desperation, Katniss went to the town bakery and searched its dumpster for any bread or food that might have been thrown out; however, she was unsuccessful in her search. Peeta saw Katniss in her search and purposefully burnt a batch of bread, earning him a beating from his mother.

How are tributes chosen in The Hunger Games?

Once chosen, twenty-four tributes battle to the death in a designated arena and the winner is rewarded with money, food, and a house to live in, and extra food is provided for their entire district. From the outset, it is clear that the Capitol controls the neighbouring districts through their control of the food supply.