What does it mean to blast a tattoo?

Blast over tattoos are a bold choice of ink for any serious tattoo collector to appreciate!! A blast over tattoo is a form of cover up tattoo that doesn’t fully cover the tattoo below, effectively creating a layered ink look.

Why do tattoo artists black out their arms?

Blackout tattoos went from a last-ditch effort to cover an unwanted mark, to a veritable fashion trend. People are shading in large parts of their body with pitch black ink, a technique that was once used as an alternative to laser tattoo removal to correct an unwanted mark.

Can any artist do a blackout tattoo?

The hours necessary to complete a blackout tattoo are countless, and you can only imagine the pain. It’s always a reliable cover up option too, but don’t think because it’s a spreading of black ink you can go to any old artist. Blackwork takes great talent.

Can you tattoo over a blackout tattoo?

Yes! Covering your existing tattoo by process of “blacking it out” is entirely possible, though it will be a time consuming and expensive undertaking. Many people find that this style of cover-up affords them a creative way to hide unwanted large-scale tattoos.

Why are tattoos blacked out?

Basically, a blackout tattoo is when a major portion of the tatted area is fully filled in with solid black ink. It’s typically meant to cover up bad tattoo work, but can also make for really cool negative space designs.

What is brutal black tattoo?

In contrast to the en vogue styles, the Brutal Black Project tattoos are all black, very big, and usually involve the face. Another fun fact, the people receiving these tattoos often need to be physically restrained, because the pain is so intense.

How do you fix a tattoo blowout?

There are three main ways to fix a tattoo blowout:

  1. Correct with more tattooing. The least expensive way to minimize the appearance of a tattoo blowout is to camouflage the blowout with more tattooing.
  2. Correct with a laser. Laser therapy can also help to reduce the appearance of a tattoo blowout.
  3. Surgical tattoo removal.