What does it mean to have a positive ANA screen IFA?

In most cases, a positive ANA test indicates that your immune system has launched a misdirected attack on your own tissue — in other words, an autoimmune reaction. But some people have positive ANA tests even when they’re healthy.

What is ANA IFA in blood test?

An ANA-IFA Blood Test is used as a primary test to help evaluate a person for autoimmune disorders that affect many tissues and organs throughout the body. Preparation: No special preparation required. Test Results: 2-3 days.

What should I do if my ANA is positive?

If your ANA test results are positive, your health care provider will likely order more tests, especially if you have symptoms of disease. If you have questions about your results, talk to your health care provider.

How do you treat ANA positive?

Positive diagnosis

  1. hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, for reducing inflammation.
  2. corticosteroids, which can also soothe inflammation.
  3. rituximab or belimumab, more powerful treatments that inhibit immune cells if anti-inflammatory medications do not have the desired effect.

What is the difference between ANA and ANA IFA?

When evaluating a patient for autoimmune diseases, an antinuclear antibody (ANA) test is typically performed first. The immunofluorescence assay (IFA) (test code 249) screens for approximately 150 autoantibodies that can occur in various autoimmune diseases.

Can ANA positive be cured?

If the result accompanies a set of symptoms and a medical history that confirm a lupus diagnosis, the doctor will advise the individual about how to manage the condition. There is currently no cure for lupus. Drug treatments may include painkillers called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

What causes positive ANA?

An ANA panel helps determine the level of ANA in your blood. You may have an autoimmune disorder if the level is high. However, conditions such as infections, cancer , and other medical problems can also result in a positive ANA test.

What is Ana Quest Code?

Quest Diagnostics offers test code 16814 (ANA Screen, IFA, Reflex Titer/Pattern and Reflex to Multiplex 11 Ab Cascade). This test begins with an ANA screen using IFA technology. A positive result reflexes to titer and pattern and to a 3-tiered, 11-antibody cascade.

What are the levels of Ana?

The normal range of ANA blood test varies from laboratory to laboratory. However, a test result ranging between 1:40 – 1:60 is considered to be negative and is not a cause of concern. Usually doctors get highly concerned if the ANA test results are more than 1:80. It is important to note that…

What is high ANA test results?

Some people with autoimmune diseases may get a negative test result for ANA but positive for other antibodies. A positive ANA test means that you have high levels of ANA in your blood. A positive ANA test is usually reported as both a ratio (called a titer) and a pattern, such as smooth or speckled.