What does KJUT mean?

(kjut ) US. adjectiveWord forms: ˈcuter or ˈcutest Informal. clever; sharp; shrewd.

Is Romanian and Serbian the same?

Romanian–Serbian relations are foreign relations between Romania and Serbia. Both countries established diplomatic relations on April 19, 1841….Country comparison.

Romania Serbia
Area 238,397 km2 (92,046 sq mi) 88,361 km2 (34,116 sq mi)
Population density 84.4/km2 (218.6/sq mi) 144.46/km2 (330/sq mi)

What does BN mean in Romanian?

bn {noun} [abbreviation] volume_up. 1. ” billion”

What does Bre mean Serbian?

‘ Defining Serbian interjection bre ≈ ‘I’m telling / asking you! ‘”

What does City girl mean?

noun. A girl or woman who is a native or inhabitant of a city, or who has urban tastes or manners.

Is Serbian a romantic language?

Is The Serbian Language Even Romantic? Serbian is not a romantic language but it is actually part of the Slavic language family.

How many Romanians live in Serbia?

Demographics. Of the total number of 29,332 declared Romanians in the 2011 census, 22,353 live in Banat and 1,826 live in Eastern Serbia. Of the total number of 35,330 declared Vlachs, 32,805 live in Eastern Serbia, and 134 in Banat.

Why do Serbians kiss 3 times?

The three fingers salute as a national greeting is first documented in the First and the Second Serbian Uprising, at the beginning of the 19th century. It was the rebellion of the Serbs against the Ottoman rule. At the time, it symbolized the battle of the Christians against the Ottoman Muslims.

What does Promaja mean in Serbian?

cold draft
Promaja is the term used for the cold draft generated by opening two windows in a room. Superstitious Serbians believe this cold wind, known as promaja, poses serious health risks such as stiffened muscles, colds and a numb feeling in the body.

What is the slang word for unattractive in Romania?

Both nașpa and nasol are slang words used when you want to say that something is unpleasant or went bad. If referring to a person, nașpa means that he or she is unattractive. This word can be used in several situations. Aiurea! is an interjection that Romanians use when something seems unlikely or false.

What do you call a cat in Romania?

Cats may be a popular pet, but Romanians tend to use the word pisici! (cats), when they are upset. The Romanian lighter way of saying ‘dammit!’, la naiba! is something you will hear when a Romanian is bothered about something going wrong.

What kind of language do Romanians speak?

Romanians speak a Romance language (derived from Latin), the only one still surviving in Eastern Europe today. It is very similar to Italian, though they are not mutually intelligible.

When do you use the word brother in Romanian?

Literally meaning ‘brother’ frate is used when you are addressing a friend. It can be also used to express stupefaction: frate!, which could be translated as ‘damn’. The plural form fraților is used when you are addressing a group of friends.