What does OC mean in office?

OC. Office Coordinator (administrative position)

What is OC in mass communication?

Broadcast Media Staff (OC)

What is the full form of the OC?

Original Content (OC) is something that you yourself made without taking it from somebody else. The term is widely used in social networks and online communities.

What is TD means in navigation?

Time Difference
A crude diagram of the LORAN principle—the difference between the time of reception of synchronized signals from radio stations A and B is constant along each hyperbolic curve; when demarcated on a map, such curves are known as “TD lines”. “TD” stands for “Time Difference”.

What does OC mean on a work schedule?

O/C means “on call.” How I have used it (and this is not the only use I’m sure so please, please note that) is for department heads.

What does OC mean in news?

Original Content. Community » News & Media. Rate it: OC.

What does OC stand for in broadcasting?

(Here, OC means “Original Content.”)

What does OC mean in temperature?

Does anyone know what that means? “OC” stands for open circuit. You either have a loose or broken wire, dirty or loose connection at the temp probe, or a bad temperature sensor. You’ll find the sensor in front of the radiator and behind the grille.

What does C a mean in GPS?

The first pseudo-random code is called the C/A (Coarse Acquisition) code. It modulates the L1 carrier. It repeats every 1023 bits and modulates at a 1MHz rate. Each satellite has a unique pseudo-random code. The C/A code is the basis for civilian GPS use.

Is Loran-C still in use?

Loran-C was made obsolete by GPS and discontinued by the United States and Canada in 2010, as was the trial of an enhanced Loran service (eLoran) that was accurate within 65 feet. During the following five years, nearly every other country that had operated a Loran-C system shut it down.

What does a dacoit do?

or da·koit (in India and Burma) a member of a class of criminals who engage in organized robbery and murder.

Where is the Naval Oceanographic Office ( Navo )?

The Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVO) maximizes seapower by applying relevant oceanographic knowledge in support of U.S. National Security. Naval Ice Center (NAVICE)/National Ice Center (NIC) Located in Suitland-Silver Hill, Maryland, the Naval Ice Center (NAVICE) is a subordinate command of NAVO and is also a part of the National Ice Center (NIC).

When did Microsoft Dynamics NAV become business central?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been superseded by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Microsoft Dynamics NAV originates from Navision, a suite of accounting applications which Microsoft acquired in 2002. Navision originated at PC&C A/S (Personal Computing and Consulting), a company founded in Denmark in 1984.

What are the components of Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV software is composed of three major components: The Database Server, a database that stores the Microsoft Dynamics NAV data (as of NAV 2013 only Microsoft SQL Server) The Application Server (starting from NAV 2009 RTC), a service that controls all aspects of Microsoft

What is RoleTailored Client in Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

With NAV 2009, Microsoft introduced a completely new client interface named the RoleTailored Client (abbreviated RTC). The RTC allows tailoring the NAV experience by individual users, based on their job responsibilities, through toolbar/menu layouts called Profiles and homepages called Roles.