What does reentry code 4 mean on a dd214?

RE-4 – Individuals separated from last period of service with a nonwaiverable disqualification (refer to AR 601-280). Ineligible for enlistment except as provided for in paragraphs 2-7c and 2-7d. (See waiverable moral and administrative disqualifications.)

What is a re-4 reenlistment code?

RE Code 4: Normally not eligible to reenlist, nor join another service. Usually will require an Exception to Policy waiver to reenlist.

What does Code 4 mean in the military?

Code 4 Meaning “Code 4” means everything is under control or the scene is safe. It indicates the officers are now in charge of the situation they were called to.

How do I change my re-4 discharge code?

To change your RE code, you may need to apply to the Board for Correction of Military Records (BCMR) or Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR). Your recruiter may be able to help you (or refer you to someone who can help).

What is an RE-4 discharge?

Bad conduct discharges imposed by special courts-martial are reviewed only as a matter of clemency. If you’ve received an RE-4 code, that means you are ineligible for enlistment in the military except for certain moral and administration disqualifications.

What is a code 4 in police code?

Code 3 Emergency/lights and siren. Code 4 No further assistance is needed. Code 30 Officer needs HELP – EMERGENCY!

Can you rejoin military after general discharge?

There are several types of discharges that can keep you from re-enlisting in the service, including a bad conduct discharge, an “other than honorable discharge” and a dishonorable discharge. On the other hand, if you received a general or honorable discharge, you may qualify for re-enlistment.

How do I change my general discharge to honorable?

You can apply to the Discharge Review Board (DRB) of your branch of the service for a discharge upgrade or a change in the discharge reason (that is, character of service).

Can you enlist with RE4?

This includes anyone with a DA imposed bar to reenlistment in effect at time of separation, or separated for any reason (except length of service retirement) with 18 or more years active Federal service. Eligibility: Ineligible for enlistment. Note: RE4 and discharged as TDRL and fit for duty.

What are the requirements for DD 214 re-enlistment?

Eligibility Requirements. Applicant’s prior service DD 214 (most recent) must reflect a narrative reason of Homosexual Act, Homosexual Conduct, or Homosexual Marriage in block 28. One of the following Separation Codes (SPD) must be in block 26: GRA, GRB, GRC, HRA, HRB, or HRC.

What does re 4 mean in the military?

An RE 4 is a reenlistment code that states individuals are ineligible to reenlist and are generally not eligible for a waiver. An RE 4 can be given for a variety of reasons and can have a few different specific codes, depending on the branch.

What’s the difference between RE Code 3 and 4?

RE Code 3: May normally reenlist but a waiver will probably be required. RE Code 4: Normally not eligible to reenlist, nor join another service. Usually will require an Exception to Policy waiver to reenlist.

Where can I get a copy of my DD 214?

You can obtain a copy of your DD 214 by filing a request through the National Archives Veteran’s Service Records. See the Resources section for the link to the National Archives website. Obtain a copy of the Application for the Review of Discharge or Dismissal from the Armed Forces of the United States — form DD-293.