What does REF mean in XSD?

ref. Optional. Refers to the name of another element. The ref attribute can include a namespace prefix. This attribute cannot be used if the parent element is the schema element.

How do you reference an XML schema?

A XML Schema can be referenced from an XML document by defining the schemaLocation and noNamespaceSchemaLocation attributes. The ‘schemaLocation’ attribute is used to reference XML Schema(s) that are defined in a target-namespace.

What is XML reference?

A reference allows you to include additional text or markup in an XML document. References always begin with the character “&” (which is specially reserved) and end with the character “;”. XML has two kinds of references: entity references.

How do I refer one XSD to another?

There are two methods for this. schemaLocation=”pathToFile”> should be used for including files of the same namespace. should be used for include files in a different namespace.

What is element in XSD?

XSD elements can be of type simpleType , complexType , or anyType . An element of type simpleType contains only text. An element of type complexType can contain text, elements, and attributes. An element of type complexType is parent to all the elements and attributes contained within it.

What is Xs in XSD?

For brevity, the text and examples in this specification use the prefix xs: to stand for this namespace; in practice, any prefix can be used. in the end xs or xsd are only prefixes. XSD is used for example more by Microsoft schemas. The important is how you declare the namespace.

What is an element in XML?

The XML elements are the basic building block of the XML document. It is used as a container to store text elements, attributes, media objects etc. Every XML documents contain at least one element whose scopes are delimited by start and end tags or in case of empty elements it is delimited by an empty tag.

What is a schema reference?

Reference schema document (REF): A schema document that is intended to provide the authoritative definitions of broadly reusable schema components. NIEM release schemas are REFs because they are intended for wide reuse.

What is root element in XML with example?

Root Element is mandatory in XML XML document must have a root element. A root element can have child elements and sub-child elements. For example: In the following XML document, is the root element and , , and are child elements.

What is the difference between include and import in XSD?

The difference between the include element and the import element is that import element allows references to schema components from schema documents with different target namespaces and the include element adds the schema components from other schema documents that have the same target namespace (or no specified …

How do you define an element attribute in XSD?

XSD defines it as a simple type.

  1. Syntax.
  2. Example. Consider the following XML Element
  3. Default Value. Attribute can have a default value assigned to it.
  4. Fixed Value. Attribute can have a fix value assigned.
  5. Restriction.

What is a sequence in XSD?

Definition and Usage The sequence element specifies that the child elements must appear in a sequence. Each child element can occur from 0 to any number of times.

How to use the key / keyref from XSD?

Long story short : i would like to know how to use the key/keyref from XSD to let elements have references to each other. it has to have a form of an example, using a simple xsd and an XML. Long story : I am familiar with usage of ID/IDREF.

What does the ref attribute on an element in an XSD do?

However, a ref attribute refers to an external entity by its “id”, not “name”. According to all XSD documentation I’ve seen, the “ref” applies to a “name”, as seen here: w3schools.com/schema/el_element.asp (ref – Optional.

How to create references between elements in XML?

In my previous question ( How create references between elements in XML) I asked how to create, in an XML Schema, references between elements. Ok, but now I noticed something. For example, defining these three types of vehicles:

What does the reference mean in XAML markup?

References an instance that is declared elsewhere in XAML markup. The reference refers to an element’s x:Name. The x:Name value (or value of the RuntimeNamePropertyAttribute -identified property) of the referenced instance.