What does removing the smog pump do?

Registered. i say if you are running no cats, take off the smog pump via an asp smog eliminator kit. this will clean up the engine compartment nicely. youll get a couple horsepower cause the belt will no longer have to turn the pump.

How much horsepower does a smog pump use?

The smog pump is a “cheater” in that it pumps fresh air into the exhaust, and only uses 1-2 hp tops.

Can I delete the smog pump?

Also the pump can make noise after time and they just look plain ugly and take up a lot of room. So for many people the best solution is to just remove it. If you decide to go this route there is one important thing you need to consider. Removing emission equipment in the US and Canada is ILLEGAL in most areas.

Can you drive without a smog pump?

If your car doesn’t have a smog pump, a couple things can happen. If the system was shoddily bypassed (like the part rusted right off, or, more likely, like the high school kid down the street read online that he’d gain a few more horsepower) then it can actually end up robbing the drivetrain of output.

Can you delete smog pump?

The air pump and hoses are easy enough to remove, you’ll need a shorter belt or get a smog pump idler pulley. The metal pipe leading behind the heads (injects air into the cylinders) can be removed or capped off.

Does a smog pump reduce horsepower?

Reduced horsepower Again, a failed smog pump can upset the tune of the vehicle, which will negatively impact overall engine performance. A failed air pump may cause the engine to hesitate or stumble on acceleration, and in more serious cases, cause a noticeable reduction in total power output.

What is a smog delete kit?

$22.95 USD. Our block off kit allows you to convert your bike to an off road competition use only race machine with the removal of the SAS ‘smog pump’ and or the vapor recovery systems on bikes with these installed systems – just like on the race bikes we field in the Baja 1000.

Does a smog pump run all the time?

You could pump it straight into the exhaust system if you wanted and just burn it up. Besides, it’s designed to run all the time anyway.

How does a Thermactor work?

Thermactor System (Smog/ Air Pump) Operational Description; “… This pumps fresh air into the exhaust system, to burn left over hydrocarbons, lowering emissions. The computer uses 2 air valves (TAB & TAD) to control where the air flows depending on engine operation.