What does RIA stand for in checkpoint?

Internal Revenue Code. Treasury Regulations. IRS Publications, Rulings, and Releases. Text and Analysis of current/pending/historical Legislation.

Is Ria a checkpoint?

What Is RIA Checkpoint? RIA Checkpoint is a full-text database of federal, state, and some internation tax materials. It contains full text laws and regulations as well as a number of important secondary tax research sources.

What is the Thomson Reuters Checkpoint?

Checkpoint is a research product for accounting and tax practitioners that includes reference sources in areas such as U.S. Federal, state, and local taxation; accounting, auditing and corporate finance; estate planning; international taxation; as well as ancillary topics such as payroll, pensions and employee benefits …

Is Ria a primary source?

Thomson Reuter’s Checkpoint by RIA is a tax research system. It includes primary sources such as the Internal Revenue Code, federal tax cases, and Internal Revenue Code rulings and releases.

What is Ria tax?

RIA Tax Research RIA is the premier provider of advanced research, practice materials, and compliance tools for tax, accounting and corporate finance professionals.

Is it checkpoint or check point?

check·point A point where a check is performed: Vehicles are stopped at several checkpoints along the border.

What practice areas are available in Checkpoint?

Practice areas include Federal, State & Local, Estate Planning, Pension & Benefits, International Tax, International Trade, Payroll, and Accting, Audit & Corp Finance.

How do you check on a checkpoint?

Launch your browser and enter the Checkpoint address in the browser location bar:

  1. http://checkpoint.tr.com.
  2. To locate documents: Use:
  3. To search for a word or phrase: Use:
  4. Icon. Description.
  5. Icon. Description.

What is Ria tax research?

What is checkpoint tools for PPC?

Installed on your local computer, Checkpoint Tools for PPC are a collection of value-added productivity solutions created in Microsoft® Word and Excel templates that will save you time and money when you set up client engagements.

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