What does sport differential mean?

Sport differential distributes torque from the engine between the rear wheels to deliver superior traction and avoid under-steer all together. Sport differential distributes torque between the rear wheels to deliver superior traction and avoid under-steer all together.

What is an active differential?

Active Differential: Very similar to a limited slip differential, the active differential still employs mechanisms to provide the resistance needed to transfer torque from one side to another – but rather than relying on purely mechanical force, these clutches can be electronically activated.

What is active rear sport differential?

It compensates for different rotational speeds of the rear wheels, particularly on curves. The M Differential distributes the drive torque evenly to both rear wheels and compensates for the rotational speed difference.

What is the Audi sports differential?

The sport differential is available for the particularly powerful and sporty Audi models with tiptronic. This improves handling, traction and stability by distributing drive torque ideally between the rear left and right wheels in all operating states.

How do I know if my Audi has sport differential?

If you enter the Drive Select settings menu, look for the Sport Differential. If it is there, it has Sport Diff.

How do I know if my Audi s4 has sport differential?

If you look under the rear of the car at the diff you can tell .. If it has a sports diff you will see the control unit and several plugs at the rear of the diff towards the bottom of the unit ..

What differential does BMW use?

Because of this most BMW’s that are used in motorsport use a clutch-pack limited slip differential. The advantages of using a LSD are more traction, more car control and using the power of the car more sufficient.

How much does a rear differential cost?

You can expect a rear differential replacement to cost up to $4,000. Now that you know what to expect for a rear differential repair you have the information to decide whether or not a replacement is worth the cost and if a new car might make the most sense for you.

How do I know if my Audi S4 has sport differential?

Does my S4 have a sport diff?

As standard, the S4 uses uprated dampers, and adaptive dampers are available with the S Sport package. (These are conventional valved affairs, not magnetorheological.) Tick that box—a $2,500 option—and you also get red brake calipers, but more importantly, you get the sport differential between the rear wheels.

How do I know if my Audi has sport diff?

How does active sport differential work in a car?

With the active sport differential driving the rear wheels, the car quite literally takes every corner as if on rails. Depending on the steering angle, lateral acceleration, yaw angle, road speed and other signals, the control unit calculates the most suitable distribution of torque to the wheels for every driving situation.

What kind of rear differential does Audi use?

The sport differential is a state-of-the-art rear differential. A superposition gear comprising two sun gears and an internal gear was mounted on the left and the right of a conventional rear differential. It turns 10 percent faster than the drive shaft. A multi-plate clutch in an oil bath and operated by an electrohydraulic…

When did the Audi S4 Sport Differential come out?

To make driving even more dynamic, Audi introduced an additional component in the dynamic S4 Sedan in late 2008 that actively splits the torque between the wheels of the rear axle – the sport differential. The sport differential is a state-of-the-art rear differential.

Which is better open differential or active differential?

Yes, it weighs around 10 kg more than a conventional, open differential but it’s placed at the right position, at the rear and the bottom, which means it has a positive effect on the centre of gravity while optimising the vehicle’s traction.