What does the antipope do CK2?

An antipope is a rival claimant to the Papacy and to the bishopric of Rome. Their title is simply “Pope” (not only because they claim to be the true pope; historically, it can be hard to distinguish between legitimate popes and antipopes). An antipope has two of the powers that popes have: excommunication and taxation.

How do you set an antipope?

You need Free Investiture to start. THen go to the Religion pane, and beside each of your bishops there a an icon of a Pope hat. Click that to make an anti-pope. If you can’t click it, it will probably tell you why.

How do you remove an antipope?

If you press your anti-pope’s claim on the Papacy the old pope becomes an anti-pope himself. You should then assassinate him to get rid of the claim. If you don’t assassinate him there is a chance that he’s made a bishop somewhere where he’s exiled and then the claim will continue on.

Can you make the pope your vassal CK2?

If the newly installed Pope is of your dynasty or if you are de jure liege to the Pope (referring to Pope’s current location), then he will become your vassal. Normal rules apply, so you also need to be higher rank than the Pope, which means you need to be an emperor.

Is there an anti pope?

More commonly, the antipope is ignored in later papal regnal numbers; for example, there was an Antipope John XXIII, but the new Pope John elected in 1958 was also called John XXIII. The Catholic Encyclopedia places him in its List of Popes, but with the annotation: “Considered by some to be an antipope”.

How do you Vassalize Holy Orders?

A quick guide to vassalize Holy orders.

  1. – In 1 of your counties, have a barony that you also control.
  2. – Grant that barony to the Holy order.
  3. – Check who is the heir for the holy order, invite him to your court.
  4. – Declare war on the holy order to press the claim of your vassal (the heir you invited).

Who was the most recent antipope?

Antipope Felix V
Such was the case with the tomb of Antipope Felix V (the last historical antipope), who was buried with most of his predecessors as Count of Savoy in Hautecombe Abbey.

Did any Antipopes become pope?

Can you become pope in ck3?

The Pope is a king level title, so before you can offer him vassalage you will need to be emperor rank. He will also be unlikely to accept unless you are also his De Jure Liege, which usually means holding the Kingdom of Romagna along with your empire title.

Who was the evil Pope?

Alexander VI bought his way to the top of the Papacy and reigned as the most evil Pope in history. He was a symbol of evil and corruption in the Catholic Church, and disgraced the high honor of the Pope.

Who killed the anti pope?

Faustus Blackwood
The Anti-Pope was the leader of the Churches of Darkness before he was assassinated by Faustus Blackwood.

How do you Vassalize a mercenary?

One way to vassalize mercenaries is to send them lowborn women, invite the son of a captain, grant him a county and kill him. Then make war on the landed company to vassalize them. Modify the plan: Grant the son a county and a kingdom.

How does the antipope work in Crusader Kings?

Second, an antipope also has the potential to bring in huge amounts of taxes. Every catholic bishop who prefers the antipope over the real pope will pay taxes to him instead, and every bishop in the realm of the antipope controller will get the head of religion opinion bonus of 10 towards the antipope rather than the real pope.

Can a Pope excommunicate the controller of an antipope?

The pope cannot excommunicate the controller of the antipope or his/her vassals (conversely, the antipope cannot excommunicate those loyal to the pope, or to another antipope). Allows emperors to vassalise the Papacy, by pressing the antipope’s claim.

What happens to the bishop in the antipope?

Every bishop in the realm of the antipope’s controller will get the “Head of Religion” opinion bonus of +30 towards the antipope rather than the real pope. Every bishop that prefers the antipope over the proper pope and their liege will pay their taxes to the antipope.

What did the Pope do in the antipope Wars?

The Roman pope often joins any “depose antipope” wars on the side of the attacker. A vassal can form an Antiking faction to install a claimant to your primary title, institute Papal Investiture, and depose the antipope.