What does the Basotho blanket represent?

The Basotho blanket has expanded into a colorful array of diverse and distinct names and designs. Every style symbolizes and celebrates Lesotho nationality, rites of passage, peace, love, royalty, bravery, and courage, and above all warmth.

What are Basotho blankets made from?

The more prestigious Seanamarena design features more corncobs than the everyday wearing blankets, the Sefate and Morena. Traditionally Basotho blankets are manufactured from wool which offers protection from the wind and rain and provides warmth in the high altitude of The Mountain Kingdom.

Why do Sotho men wear blankets?

Honouring of Basotho’s elders and their ancestors is taught from birth, and the blanket serves as a symbolic gesture of righteous standing within the nation.

Where is Seanamarena from?

Nowadays the Basotho tribal blanket (Seanamarena) is such a common sight in Lesotho, that tourists tend to assume that it was a local invention. However, its origins can be traced back to the European traders and missionaries as far back as the 1800s.

Where are Basotho blankets manufactured?

Basotho blankets are not made in Lesotho, the tiny country for which the blankets are named. Originally produced in England, these woollen symbols of Basotho culture are now produced at Aranda, a factory/showroom in the South African town of Randfontein on Johannesburg’s West Rand.

What is the Sotho blanket called?

The Moholobela is a fertility blanket worn by young Sotho men in preparation of their transition to manhood.

Where are Basotho blankets made?

What Seanamarena means?

Seana Marena: Means chief’s blanket or to swear by the king: This particular blanket is exclusively worn by the king and his chiefs, it has the highest status of all Basotho blankets.

What is the name of the Basotho blanket?

Who owns Aranda blankets?

Rodolfo, Giulio and Alberto Magni arrived in 1951 and started Aranda. The mill, still owned by the family, now covers an area equal to 11 football fields and employs more than 700 people.

Why do sothos wear blankets?

Blankets are part of Basotho ceremonies like the right of passage where boys become men and girls become women. It is gifted to a baby at birth and as a wedding gift as well as being used in funerals where the deceased are wrapped in a blanket.

What does the word Maseru mean?

red sandstones
Maseru is the capital and largest city of Lesotho. The name of the city is a Sesotho word meaning “red sandstones”.

Where can I buy a Basotho heritage blanket?

The designs have been developed over many years with the blessing of the Lesotho Royal Family. Basotho Blankets are now available in the United States exclusively at Thula Tula Snuggle up in warmth and comfort with the traditional Basotho Heritage blanket.

What kind of blankets do people wear in Lesotho?

Designed to withstand the harsh snowy winters of Lesotho, the thick, yet soft-touch Basotho blankets make you feel safe and snug. Basotho Blankets are practical, hard wearing, soft-touch blankets worn daily in Lesotho. They are also a special piece of heritage and strikingly beautiful in any home.

Which is the oldest blanket manufacturer in South Africa?

Our factory, Aranda Textile Mills is the oldest blanket manufacturer in South Africa established in 1953 and is located in Randfontein just west of Johannesburg. It is a 4th generation, locally owned, family business. Aranda is the exclusive manufacturer of Basotho Heritage Blankets, with the blessing of the Basotho Nation.

Who are the Bantu people of Lesotho?

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