What does the one shot deal pay for?

One of the most common uses of the one-shot deal is for rental assistance to prevent or forestall an eviction. If there is a court action, copies of any stipulations or court orders * HRA does not require that you have a case in Housing Court.

Can you get a one shot deal to move?

The most common One Shots are for rent, utilities and moving/furniture expenses. You are eligible to receive only ONE emergency grant/one shot deal per year and in some instances you may be required to pay back your emergency grant within 12 months.

Can HRA help me move?

If you must move, you may be eligible for help with moving expenses, security deposit voucher, broker’s fees, or temporary storage for furniture and personal belongings.

How do I contact Cityfheps?

For program information and payment inquiries, contact the HRA Rental Assistance Call Center, Monday- Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM at 929-221-0043.

Does a one shot deal have to be paid back?

A “One-Shot Deal” is emergency financial assistance that can help a tenant who is facing eviction to pay rent. Most one-shot deals are loans that you must pay back with a payment plan. If you receive SSI or have children under 18 in the household, you generally will not have to pay HRA back.

Who has said that HRM is not a one shot deal?

Continuous functions: According to Terry, HRM is not a one shot deal. It cannot be practiced only one hour each day or one day a week.

Do you have to pay back a one shot deal?

How do I get a HRA one shot deal?

In order to apply for an emergency grant, known as a one-shot deal, you must go to an HRA Public Assistance office (or Job Center). You can call 311 to find your local office or you can go to the HRA website.

How much is CityFHEPS?

The maximum rent that CityFHEPS will allow is $1,424 per month. A single room in an apartment is available to a household of no more than two adults. The maximum rent that CityFHEPS will allow is $800 per month.

How do I qualify for CityFHEPS?

Have a gross income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level; 2. Be on Cash Assistance, if eligible; 3. Not qualify for any other rental assistance program; If you have any questions about CityFHEPS and your eligibility, you should talk to your housing specialist or case manager.

Can you be denied a one shot deal?

It is important to keep copies of any paperwork that you give to HRA and to keep notes on all your visits. You can be approved for a one-shot deal even if you have gotten one in the past, but when you got it and whether or not you have been trying to pay it back can influence whether another request will be approved.

What happens if you don’t pay one shot deal?

If you do not attempt to pay back the one shot deal, HRA could send your case to collections. Making a payment plan can keep your case out of collections. If you receive SSI you may receive up to 4 months back rent a year that you do not have to pay back.

How is the One Shot Deal program funded?

Approximately 30,000 households receive assistance each year. The One-Shot Deal program is funded through the city’s Human Resources Administration (HRA) budget, Federal TANF funds and state funding. The city directs its funding towards assistance for single adults not receiving SSI and adult family households.

How to get one shot deal in NYC?

One Shot Deal 1 Rent Arrears Applications. The New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) requires that you apply for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) before you apply for Emergency 2 Submitting an Application. 3 Keep Your Information Up-to-Date. 4 HRA Locations. 5 EBT Cards.

Where do I Send my One Shot Deal card?

Permanent EBT cards can only be sent via the mail or picked up at the Brooklyn OTC site. For more information, visit the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Card page. The “One Shot Deal” emergency assistance program helps people who can’t meet an expense due to an unexpected situation or event.

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