What does the plus 1 mean on goalie pads?

The +1 sizing system is standard for leg pads, meaning that “+1” is an extra inch added to the top of the leg pad. This addition helps goalies with their butterfly position as well as with their five-hole coverage. Some goal pads come with a +2” sizing system, which is more common with high level, experienced goalies.

What size of goalie pads do I need?

Sizing Goalie Leg Pads While sitting, a goalie should measure from the outside of their ankle bone to the middle front of their knee cap. For example, if a goalie measures their ATK and it comes to 17.5”they should fit well in a 35” overall pad.

What size leg pads do NHL goalies wear?

Leg pads could be no wider than 11 inches. Blockers were reduced from 16 inches to 15 inches. Catching gloves could have a circumference not greater than 45 inches (the previous limit was 48).

What are the lightest goalie pads?

What are the lightest goalie pads out there?

  • Warrior Ritual GT2: 4.4lbs.
  • Bauer Ultrasonic: 4.6lbs.
  • Brian’s Optik2: 4.6lbs.
  • CCM Axis: 4.6lbs.
  • Brian’s GNetikIV: 4.7lbs.
  • CCM EFlex 4: 4.7lbs.
  • Vaughn V9 Pro Carbon: 5.0lbs.
  • Vaughn SLR2 Pro Carbon: 5.5lbs.

What is the plus 2 on goalie pads?

Please note, +1 and +2 sizing in goalie pads means an extra inch or two has been added to the top of the pad (the thigh rise) to increase 5-hole coverage in the butterfly position and does not impact the sizing below.

Are goalie monkeys Canadian?

Products on HockeyMonkey.com and GoalieMonkey.com are from our United States locations. Canadian pricing and inventory may vary.

How do you measure a pad size?

You can measure the inside diameter of the pad cup. This is the part of the cup where the cardboard backing sits. Once you have this measurement, add 1.5mm’s. The result will be the pad size you need to order.

How do you measure hockey goalie leg pads?

The key measurement in fitting any goalie pad is the center of the ankle bone to center of the knee cap. This should be done by using a tape measure with the goalie’s legs shoulder-width apart and slightly bent. This measurement should be taken on the outside of the leg.

How do you measure your legs for goalie pads?

To achieve a precise fit, bend your leg slightly and measure the length of your shin, from the center of your kneecap to your ankle. Then, measure the length from the center of the kneecap to the mid-thigh. Add these two measurements together, along with your skate size, and an additional inch or two for extra padding.

What size hockey pads do I need?

Hockey Shoulder Pad Sizing Chart

Pad Size Age Range Chest
Junior Medium 8 – 11 28″ – 31″
Junior Large 10 – 13 30″ – 34″
Senior Small 14 – 16 32″ – 38″
Senior Medium 16+ 36″ – 41″

Are Vaughn goalie pads good?

Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Pro Goalie Pads Keeping up to the standard of Vaughn quality, these pads offer an extremely comfortable fit with square knee roll design to enhance rebound control. Bottom line, these goalie pads are a deal you can’t miss and our top pick for the best budget goalie pad!

What size pads does Carey Price wear?

CCM went to great lengths to ensure it echoed the equipment Price is wearing with the Montreal Canadiens this season, including limiting the pads to Price’s NHL sizing, which is the equivalent of a 34+1. The similarities don’t end there.

What kind of leg pads do goalies use?

Like Shin Guards for Players, Goalie Leg Pads are an integral piece of equipment for a Goalie as they protect your ankles, shins, knees, and thighs from sticks, pucks, slashes, and more! Featuring Goalie Leg Pads from top product manufacturers such as Bauer, Brian’s, CCM, Itech, Reebok, Vaughn, and Warrior!

What’s the difference between hybrid and butterfly goalie pads?

Hybrid and butterfly goalie leg pads represent two different construction styles that emphasize different aspects. Butterfly leg pads use flat pads while hybrid goalie leg pads include horizontal lines at the knee. Both are made to enhance your ability as a hockey goalie.

How old do you have to be to wear hockey leg pads?

Junior: Junior goalie leg pads are meant for hockey blockers around 6 to 10 years old. The pads are both wider and longer than youth ones. Intermediate: These goalie leg pads are designed for children around 11 to 13 years old. These pads tend to have more options than smaller ones.

What kind of leather do hockey goalies use?

Authentic leather: Real leather tends to be the thickest material and offers shielding against the heavy ice pucks and hard hits that hockey goalies often encounter. Synthetic leather: This material comes in different levels of thickness, allowing you to choose your desired weight and amount of protection.