What does the slang word scrap mean?

A scrap is a little leftover bit of something. A final meaning of the noun scrap is “fight,” as in “I got into a scrap with my brother.” Scrap also has a verb form that means “discard.” When you scrap your plan to move to the Bahamas, that means you’re abandoning the plan.

What gang are scraps?

“Scrap” is used to disrespect Sureños or the Norteños use “Sewer Rats” as well.

What is a scrap fight?

scrap. 2. noun. A physical conflict involving two or more: fight, fistfight, fisticuffs, scuffle, tussle.

What is a cooler slang?

: a prison or jail They threw him in the cooler.

What do you call scraps?

Scraps (otherwise known as batter bits) are pieces of batter left over in the fryer as a by-product of frying fish. They are traditionally served free of charge in chip shops. Marks & Spencer’s own version is marketed as “beer battered haddock” that is “light and crispy”.

What does SK mean in gang?

scrap, scrapular
SK = scrap, scrapular, scrapa – – a disrespectful term used in the tagging war between gangs.

What wafer means?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a thin crisp cake, candy, or cracker. b : a round thin piece of unleavened bread used in the celebration of the Eucharist. 2 : an adhesive disk of dried paste with added coloring matter used as a seal.

Is it scraping or scrapping?

As nouns the difference between scrapping and scraping is that scrapping is the act by which something is scrapped while scraping is the act by which something is scraped.

What is Swanging?

Recorded in Black slang by the 2000s, swang is when someone drives a (usually tricked-out) car slowly and widely, as if swinging the car from one side of a lane or road to the other.

What do you mean by sagged?

verb (used without object), sagged, sag·ging. to sink or bend downward by weight or pressure, especially in the middle: The roof sags. to hang down unevenly; droop: Her skirt was sagging. to droop; hang loosely: His shoulders sagged.