What does the swinging light test for?

The ‘swinging light test’ is used to detect a relative afferent pupil defect (RAPD): a means of detecting differences between the two eyes in how they respond to a light shone in one eye at a time.

What is a flashlight test?

The flashlight test is performed if you arrive at a diagnosis that the LED backlights are not working. What you do is you just point a flashlight into the TV screen while the unit is turned on. If you see images upon pointing the flashlight on the screen, then that means you just have busted LED backlights.

What is a RAPD?

Background. Relative Afferent Pupillary Defect (RAPD) is a condition in which pupils respond differently to light stimuli shone in one eye at a time due to unilateral or asymmetrical disease of the retina or optic nerve (only optic nerve disease occurs in front of the lateral geniculate body).

Why do pupils dilate in Rapd?

The pathologic response that characterizes the RAPD includes the following: 1) the light reaction causes pupil constriction in both eyes when the light shines in the normal eye, and (2) dilatation of the pupils in both eyes when the light stimulus is rapidly transferred from the normal eye to the pathologic eye.

Do adults have a red reflex?

The most common cause of this dulling in an adult is a cataract, but an abnormal red reflex may also clue you in to other pathologies in the cornea (abrasion, infection, or scar), vitreous (hemorrhage or inflammation), or retina (retinal detachment).

What is reverse Argyll Robertson pupil?

Inverse Argyll Robertson Pupil (IARP), absence of pupillary constriction to near stimuli with retention of pupillary light reflex, has rarely been described. Chrousos and colleagues (1985) reported a child with absence of complete near reflex triad.

Can see TV picture with flashlight?

Use the “Flashlight Test”

  1. Find a bright flashlight and ensure it has power.
  2. Position yourself about two inches from your television screen and shine the light on the TV.
  3. If you can see an image on the screen with the use of a flashlight, it means the inverter board in the television has gone bad.

What is a pen light?

A penlight is a small flashlight in the shape of a pen. A penlight usually uses a small light known as an “LED” (Light Emitting Diode) but it can also use a small lightbulb made just for small flashlights. The LED lights up when power is run through it.

What causes an APD?

What Causes Auditory Processing Disorder? Often, the cause of a child’s APD isn’t known. Evidence suggests that children with head trauma, lead poisoning, seizure disorder, or chronic ear infections are more at risk.

What is Argyll Robertson pupil?

The Argyll Robertson (AR) pupil has been defined as a pupil that is small and constricts poorly to direct light but briskly when a target within reading distance is viewed (“light-near dissociation”).