What does trailer trash pedal board stand for?

Trailer Trash Pedalboards® represents the evolution of the pedalboard. For years, we have been building custom boards for the world’s most demanding musicians. Through innovative features and unrivaled quality, we have transformed the pedalboard from a simple necessity to an art form.

What kind of pedalboards do people use?

In pictures: the people’s pedalboards: MusicRadar users share their guitar and bass pedal rigs “Back home I have a switching system so I don’t have to do so much tap dancing. This is almost the same setup, without the switching system and a couple of small exceptions.

What does a pro guitar pedal board look like?

Pro guitarists’ pedalboards, on the other hand, are a whole other level of pedal-gazing. Filled with trendsetting boxes and old favourites, battered and bruised from months of touring, every player’s ‘board tells a story.

Which is the best overdrive pedal on the market?

“Ever since this pedal came out, it’s been on every pedalboard I’ve had. It’s probably one of the most outstanding overdrive pedals ever, certainly in recent history. It’s got a really three-dimensional sound to it, and it’s got a lot of clarity so it doesn’t muddy your tone.

Where can I get a trailer trash board?

If you’re the guy that goes all-out on Christmas decorations every year, a Trailer Trash board is right up your alley. Tons of custom options are available, including super-cool glow tops. The company will make your dream pedalboard, so it’s important you know what you want.

What kind of pedal board do you use?

Whether it’s a technologically-advanced glow-in-the-dark rig, a streamlined classic Velcro job, or a cool suitcase you found at a thrift store, your pedalboard is uniquely you. Like your guitar and amplifier, it says a lot about your personality and approach to music.

Do you need a Holeyboard for your pedals?

A Holeyboard is a must for anyone who changes their pedals frequently, or just wants to keep them clean, whether for resale value or just because they like their pedals to look shiny and neat.