What does Wolters Kluwer Health do?

Wolters Kluwer provides trusted clinical technology and evidence-based solutions that engage clinicians, patients, researchers, students, and the next generation of healthcare providers.

Where is Wolters Kluwer headquarters?

Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands
Wolters Kluwer/Headquarters
Wolters Kluwer N.V. Philadelphia, United States (corporate)(corporate). Wolters Kluwer N.V. (Euronext: WKL) is an American Dutch information services company. The company is headquartered in Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands (Global) and Philadelphia, United States (corporate).

Is Wolters Kluwer legit?

On average, employees at Wolters Kluwer give their company a 3.8 rating out of 5.0 – which is 3% lower than the average rating for all companies on CareerBliss. The happiest Wolters Kluwer employees are Account Representatives submitting an average rating of 4.3 and Software Engineers with a rating of 3.7.

What is CCH?

CCH (cch.com) provides leading tax and business law information and software solutions.

Where is up to date located?

UpToDate, 34 Washington Street, Wellesley, Massachusetts 02481; 800.998. 6374; [email protected]; www.uptodate.com.

Who owns CT Corporation System?

Wolters Kluwer
Wolters Kluwer United States Inc.
CT/Parent organizations

Who is the CEO of Wolters Kluwer?

Nancy McKinstry (Sep 1, 2003–)
Wolters Kluwer/CEO
Nancy McKinstry (United States, 1959) is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Board of Wolters Kluwer since September 1, 2003, and Member of the Executive Board since June 1, 2001.

How do I contact Wolters Kluwer?

Phone: 1-800-234-1660 (within the U.S.) +1 301-698-7100 (outside the U.S.)

Who owns CCH healthcare?

Joe Goldberg. I’ve been in the healthcare industry for many years. When I met Jacob Stern, CCH CEO, nearly five years ago, he shared his vision of quality care and heart of service for the community. We are dedicated to making this vision our joint #1 priority.

What CCH Legal?

CCH’s legal portfolio is part of the Legal Markets group, within the Wolters Kluwer Law & Business unit. CCH sets the standard for research and compliance tools for legal, securities, banking and finance, trade law, insurance and government contracting professionals and others who use business law information.

Who runs UpToDate?

Wolters Kluwer
UpToDate, Inc. is a company in the Wolters Kluwer Health division of Wolters Kluwer whose main product is UpToDate, a software system that is a point-of-care medical resource.

How do I contact UpToDate?

UpToDate Customer Service Contacts

  1. UpToDate Email Support. [email protected].
  2. UpToDate Live Chat Support. N/A.
  3. UpToDate Call Center Support. 1-800-998-6374.
  4. UpToDate Knowledge Base. N/A.
  5. UpToDate Forum. N/A.

Where are the offices of Wolters Kluwer located?

Find a Wolters Kluwer Office. With global headquarters in the Netherlands, Wolters Kluwer has offices all around the world. Global Headquarters. +31 (0)172 641 400 [email protected]. Mailing address. Wolters Kluwer, P.O. Box 1030, 2400 BA, Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands.

What kind of company is Wolters Kluwer Health?

Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. provides information solutions for professionals and students in medicine, nursing, allied health and pharmacy. The Company offers reference products, textbooks, and journals.

How to contact Wolters Kluwer Health Learning, Research and practice teams?

Explore other articles on this topic. How do I contact Wolters Kluwer’s Health Learning, Research & Practice teams for help? Use the departmental listing below to contact the desired team. How can I cancel my online order?

Where is Wolters Kluwer in Riverwoods IL located?

Wolters Kluwer Health 2700 Lake Cook Road Riverwoods, IL 60015 Tel: 847.580.5000