What elevation is Soda Springs California?

2,063 m
Soda Springs/Elevation

What county is kingvale in?

Nevada County

What elevation is Truckee CA?

1,773 m

What is the altitude of Donner Pass?

2,151 m
Donner Pass/Elevation
Donner Pass, pass, in the Sierra Nevada of northern California, U.S., that is the most important transmontane route (rail and highway) connecting San Francisco with Reno, Nev. Rising to an elevation of more than 7,000 feet (2,100 metres), it lies 35 miles (55 km) west-southwest of Reno.

What elevation is the Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe?

The 170-room Ritz-Carlton Highlands sits next to Northstar-At-Tahoe ski resort south of Truckee at an elevation of 6,900 feet.

Is Truckee the coldest place in the US?

Truckee has often been recognized as the coldest spot in the nation, but not during the winter ski season as one might expect. These nippy temperatures are noteworthy because they occur from June through early October.

What is the elevation of Tahoe?

1,897 m
Lake Tahoe/Elevation

What are the two elevations at Donner Summit?

Donner Pass
Elevation 7,056 ft (2,151 m)
Traversed by California Trail Lincoln Highway US 40 (until 1964) Overland Route I-80 (Indirectly, See below)
Location Nevada County, California, United States
Range Sierra Nevada

Why does Truckee get so cold?

The mountain slopes surrounding the airport are often snow-covered, and as air comes into contact with the snow, it cools and sinks. This dense air mass settles down into the airport basin, creating a chilled micro-climate.

How much snow does Truckee CA get?

Truckee has an average of 204.3 inches (5.19 m) of snow annually, which makes it the fifth-snowiest city in the United States, while snow cover usually averages 28 inches (0.71 m) in February, but has exceeded 115 inches (2.92 m).

Is Lake Tahoe considered high elevation?

Located in the Sierra Nevadas, South Lake Tahoe is at an altitude of about 6,237 feet. Altitude impacts everyone a little bit differently, but generally “high altitude” is considered to be around 8,000 feet or more according to medical professionals.