What ferries go to Galiano Island?

Getting to Galiano Island Galiano Island (Sturdies Bay ferry terminal) is easily accessible by ferry from Tsawwassen terminal on the mainland or from Swartz Bay terminal on Vancouver Island. For ferry times and reservations call BC Ferries toll free at 1-888-223-3779 or visit the BC Ferries Website.

Is there a ferry to Saturna Island?

Saturna Island to Vancouver BC Ferries operates a scheduled ferry service from Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal in Vancouver to Lyall Harbour on Saturna Island. Sailing Time: 2 to 3 hours between Saturna Island and Tsawwassen, depending on the stops and transfers at Galiano and Mayne Islands.

How long is the ferry ride from Victoria to Tsawwassen?

The journey takes approximately 2h 50m. What is the distance between Victoria and Tsawwassen ferry terminal? The distance between Victoria and Tsawwassen ferry terminal is 66 km.

What ferry do you take to get to Tofino?

There is no direct ferry to Tofino as it is on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Instead, you can take a ferry to Nanaimo. From Vancouver there are two different ferry routes to reach Nanaimo, both operated by BC Ferries.

How long is the ferry from Vancouver to Galiano Island?

Sailings to Galiano Island (Sturdies Bay) without transfers

9:55 AM 10:50 AM 0h 55m Non-stop
7:10 PM 8:05 PM 0h 55m Non-stop

How long is ferry ride from Vancouver to Galiano Island?

50 minutes
Getting To Galiano Island. In most cases, Galiano Island is the first stop on the BC Ferries route to the islands, only 50 minutes. In the quiet season, there are just two ferries a day from Tsawwassen, the mainland terminal near Vancouver, and in the busier summer months, there may be up to 4 sailings a day.

Can you drive to Saturna Island?

How to get there. Unless you have your own boat, BC Ferries is the easiest & only way to get to Saturna Island. Either walk on or take you car. Depending on the ferry sailing you choose, it is approximately 1 1/2 hours from Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island to Saturna.

Do you need a car on Saturna Island?

You can get to Saturna Island from Tsawwassen on the mainland and Sidney/Victoria on Vancouver Island by BC Ferries as a foot passenger. There is also a float plane that lands next to the ferry terminal. You do not need to bring your car, as we can arrange pick-up and drop-off for you on Saturna Island.

Which BC ferry is the best?

These are the best places for budget-friendly ferries in British Columbia:

  • False Creek Ferries.
  • Victoria Harbour Ferry.
  • Kootenay Lake Ferry.
  • TransLink Seabus.
  • The Aquabus.

Can you bus from Victoria to Tofino?

Victoria to Tofino by bus Buses are a convenient way to travel between Victoria and Tofino, with a number of companies offering routes. The duration of your bus trip is around 7 hours. A bus ticket costs on average 88 USD. You will have 20 stops during your trip.

Where does Victoria to Tofino stop?

Victoria to Tofino Stop #1

  • Niagara Falls. This is somewhat of a hidden gem and you won’t see it advertised on the road.
  • Drumroaster Coffee. A few towns further, you will reach Cobble Hill.
  • Lee’s Chicken.
  • Old Town Bakery.
  • Transfer Beach Park.
  • The Abyss – Giant Crack in the Earth.
  • Englishman River Falls.
  • Coombs.

Is there a ferry from Vancouver to Victoria?

Click here to get the latest travel and passport information. And get the latest on last-minute deals, contests, updates, & more. Black Ball Ferry Line operates the M.V. Coho passenger and vehicle ferry linking Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island with Port Angeles, Washington on the scenic Olympic Peninsula.

Where is the Black Ball ferry in BC?

Black Ball Ferry Line operates the M.V. Coho passenger and vehicle ferry linking Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island with Port Angeles, Washington on the scenic Olympic Peninsula.

How to call BC Ferries from outside Canada?

1-888-BC FERRY(1-888-223-3779) Canada & USA +1 250-386-3431 From outside Canada & USA (applicable toll charges apply) MONDAY TO FRIDAY 7:00 am – 10:00 pm SATURDAY & SUNDAY 7:00 am – 7:00 pm BC Ferries Vacations Email [email protected] Phone 1-888-BC FERRY (1-888-223-3779) Ext. 3 Canada & USA +800 1 BC FERRY (+800 1 223-3779)

How often does the Victoria Clipper ferry run?

The Victoria Clipper ferry operates year-round service, roundtrip 1 time per day, with the exception of trips in mid-May through mid-September, when 2 daily roundtrip services are available.