What games can you play over the phone call?

We offer you a list of fun games to play over Facetime or Skype calls:

  • Rules of the game.

How can I make my call center fun?

This set of call center motivational games can help you re-energize your agents.

  1. Monopoly. Time: 30 minutes. Number of participants: Two or more people.
  2. Who’s the Celebrity? Time: 2 hours. Number of participants: Two or more people.
  3. Mystery Prize. Time: 1 to 3 Days.
  4. Call Center Olympics. Time: 30 minutes.
  5. Jenga. Time: 30 minutes.

Is it bad to mess with telemarketers?

“However, your friends are correct and scammers could retaliate if they wanted to. Before taunting them, it’s important to note that they already have your phone number, name, and possibly other identifying information. This data could be used to cause real harm to you or your family, so it is ill-advised.

What games can you do over FaceTime?

List of FaceTime games

  • Trivia. Trivia is a group game perfect for a social platform like FaceTime.
  • FaceTime Truth or Dare. Folks typically use FaceTime on iPhones, iPads, or personal Macs.
  • Masked Dancer.
  • This or That.
  • Newlywed Game.
  • Never Have I Ever.
  • Pictionary.
  • Would You Rather.

How do you play games on Zoom meeting?

How to play games on Zoom

  1. Download or upgrade the latest version of Zoom for Mac or PC.
  2. Log in to Zoom.
  3. Install Zoom Apps from the games category.
  4. Search for Live Game Poker Night or Heads Up in the Zoom App Marketplace.
  5. Start a Zoom meeting as normal.

How do I boost my call center morale?

6 Ways to Motivate Call Center Staff and Boost Morale

  1. Put an End to Call Volumes as a Measurement of Success.
  2. Celebrate Employee Successes.
  3. Listen to your Agents and Implement Suggestions when Appropriate.
  4. Have Attainable and Clearly-defined Goals.
  5. Vary the Day-to-Day.
  6. Implement the Right Call Center Tools.

What should you not say in a call center?

This is a definitive guide to call centre etiquette and what you should never say to a customer.

  • “We don’t deal with that”
  • “I’m just going home/I’m just going on break”
  • “Can I take your Christian name please?”
  • “Calm down”
  • “I’m new here”
  • “If you keep shouting, I’ll hang up/terminate this call”

Does pressing 9 stop telemarketers?

Being polite and asking to be removed or by pressing 9 simply doesn’t do anything. Nothing is generated to a computer for removal. The computers being used are for personal use only and are not connected to some “Do Not Call” database. It all seems to point back to just an individual entity making nuisance calls.

What are some fun games you can play on your phone?

Here are some games you can play on the phone: The 5 second game. This is a ton of fun! The youngest starts by choosing someone to provide 3 things in answer within a 5 second time limit. (example of a 5 second question: Name 3 vegetables in 5 sec- GO!)

Which is the best game to play in a call centre?

Call Centre Monopoly While call centre Monopoly does require a fair bit of effort to implement, Julie-Ann, who plays it in her contact centre, says the game is great for “building morale and has a positive customer impact too.”

Are there any mobile games you can play on TV?

Jackbox Games might be best known for its trivia comedy series You Don’t Know Jack, “where high culture and pop culture collide.” The company has moved into the mobile space, offering trivia games to play on TV with your phone. You can grab a bunch of these games at once by downloading any of the Jackbox Party Packs.

Which is the best game for remote workers?

These games have been designed to help engage remote workers and make sure they feel like valued members of your team community. 1. The Thirty-Day Challenge – Set a 30-Day Challenge for all remote agents to take part in. You could tie it in with key contact centre targets and reward all those who complete the challenge.