What goes in a discussion section apa?

The Discussion section contains the conclusions that can be drawn from the results. Mention whether these results are similar to the results that were found in the literature that was cited in the introduction, and if not, try to explain why.

Can you put Results and discussion together?

The traditional Results and Discussion sections are best combined because results make little sense to most readers without interpretation. When reporting and discussing your results, do not force your readers to go through everything you went through in chronological order.

How do you respond to a discussion post?

Validate the post by sharing your experience and stating how it relates to the course material or to the initial post. Agree or disagree with the post and explain why you agree or disagree. Expand on your classmate’s post to demonstrate that you understand the topic.

How do you start a discussion post?

How to Write a Strong Discussion Post [INFOGRAPHIC]What is a Discussion Post? Do your homework. Read prompts carefully.Wake up your classmates with a strong argument or perspective. Be relevant. Bring something unique to the post. Prepare your response in a text editor (like Word) before you post.

How do you cite a class discussion?

the word discussion or presentation instead of lecture. If you wish to cite a general class discussion, include only the name of the course, discussion instead of lecture, and the date.

How do you cite a class?

If you are citing a class lecture, provide the lecture title in quotation marks after the professor’s name, the course name and course number after the lecture title and add the word “Class lecture” (without quotation marks) after the location.