What happened to Law of Ueki?

The Law of Ueki was one of several titles involved in the deal. Funimation released the entire series on a DVD box set on June 9, 2009. The rights to the series expired in 2011. In May 2018, Discotek Media announced the acquisition of the series.

How old is Ueki?

Kōsuke Ueki
Age 13 (beginning)
Gender Male
Race Heavenly beings
Hair color Green

How many stars does Ueki have?

The 9-star sacred treasure of flight, gained through balance. A pair of wings will appear on the user’s back, granting them flying capabilities. It is first seen in the second opening theme of the series, although it was first used in a fight between Ueki and Hanon. The color of the wings varies from user to user.

What talent did Ueki choose?

Talent of Reunion
the talent he chose was “Talent of Reunion”.

What is Uekis 2?

His level 2 power is to return an opponent’s attack back to its original form. Ueki is actually a celestial sent to Earth by his father in order to take part in this tournament, which allows him to use the sacred weapons. He can use more than one Sacred Weapon at the same time because of his given ability.

Is the Law of Ueki on Crunchyroll?

The Law of Ueki Anime Joins Crunchyroll’s Catalog Today.

Who is the strongest in the Law of Ueki?

Robert Haydn
When traveling by train one day, he meets Junichi Baba, nicknamed B.J., a hip-hop enthusiast who takes an immediate liking to Ueki….

The Law of Robert Haydn, the Strongest Power User
Kanji 最強能力者ロベルト・ハイドンの法則
Rōmaji Saikyō Nōryoku Mono Roberuto Haidon no Hōsoku
Air Date May 2, 2005
Opening Theme Falco

What is Ueki talent of blank?

The Talent of Blank (空白の才, Kūhakunozai) is the winning prize obtained after winning the tournament of the Power Users. They are given a blank paper slate and a brush with ink and put in any talent they wish for and the moment they complete writing, they instantly receive that talent.

What is Ai Mori power?

Abilities. Ai uses her power At the start of the series, Ai possesses no special power, which forces her to rely on her own intelligence and adaptibility to survive against the enemy: during the battle with Kabara, she tricks him into wearing her cossack hat to defeat him.

What is AI’s Power Law of Ueki?

Later on in the series, Ai is given a power by Inumaru, during Kosuke’s fight with Seiichiro, which is the Power to Change Her Opponent into a Lover of Glasses, however, the limiting condition of Ai’s power requires her opponent to perform a cutesy pose by raising up their right leg and putting both of their fists on …

Does Ai Mori like Ueki?

Ai Mori (森あい) Still, Ai cares deeply for her friends, especially Ueki. She discovers Ueki’s power early on, coming to a rather unusual conclusion and at first believing him to be an alien. She is strict with Ueki at times, especially when he looks like he is about to do something rash.

What is Li Ho power?

telescoping bat
Li Hō (李崩, Ri Hou) is a power user with the ability to turn his own hair into a “telescoping bat”. Li Ho considers Ueki his rival and wants to become a strong fighter in honor of his father, who fell victim to the plague.