What happened to Lex and Terry radio show?

The show is currently based in Dallas and airs on 18 stations around the country as well as Sirius XM satellite radio. “Sports Final Radio” with Jeff Prosser and Dan Hicken replaced Lex and Terry in the 6 to 10 a.m. slot.

Who is the girl on Lex and Terry?

Sarah Morgan
Sarah Morgan comes back to the show in a role as full-time on-air contributor, and regarding her return, Lex & Terry commented that “Sarah is a content machine.

Where do Lex and Terry broadcast from?

The Lex & Terry show originated in Jacksonville in 1992 and began national syndication in 1997. The show currently is broadcast from Dallas.

Did Ian get fired from Lex and Terry?

lex and terry ian fired.

How do I call Lex and Terry?

Call Lex & Terry at 1.866. 977.3687.

Does Lex and Terry have a podcast?

The nationally syndicated radio show of Lex and Terry now has a FREE podcast! Join them every week as they explore the space between their radio show and their paid podcast called Sudden Death.

What station is Lex and Terry on in Jacksonville Florida?

97.3 Planet Radio
iHeart Media is adding Lex & Terry to 97.3 Planet Radio. Lex Staley and Terry Jaymes became a “team” in Jacksonville in 1992.

Where does Lex Staley live?

Dallas, Texas
Lex and Terry is Based in Dallas, Texas, the show is distributed by United Stations Radio Networks.

When did Terry Jaymes leave Lex and Terry?

In 1997, Lex stepped down from his director’s position to concentrate solely on building the market’s dominant morning show Lex & Terry with his partner Terry Jaymes into the nations new sensation the Lex & Terry Morning Radio Network where it still thrives as one of radio’s best today.

How long has Dee been on Lex and Terry?

Yes this guy’s dream finally can true 12 years ago when Lex & Terry offered him a full time job doing Morning Radio. Although Dee’s been a part of the show for 16 years in one form or another, he’s really hit his strive as an on-air contributor and a behind the scenes work horse.

Who are the hosts of Lex and Terry?

During that time, be became the host of a monthly trivia segment on Lex and Terry. Two years later, in January 2012, Ian was hired as the news director for Lex and Terry in Dallas, Texas. Sarah B was born and raised in Dallas, TX.

How to call Lex and Terry in New York?

Call Lex & Terry at 1.866.977.3687 Lex & Terry | Weekday Mornings 5-10am Weekdays Call Us! 1.866.977.3687