What happened to sprinkle of glitter?

British YouTube star Sprinkle of Glitter says she’s transforming the type of content on her channel. The 31-year-old fashion and beauty vlogger, whose real name is Louise Pentland, says she’s grown up since she began posting videos on the site. She says she now wants to make her content more adult and less “rosy”.

Is Louise Pentland a lady?

Louise Alexandra Pentland (born 28 April 1985) is an English motherhood, beauty and lifestyle vlogger, blogger, YouTube personality and author. She is also known by her online pseudonym SprinkleofGlitter or SprinkleofChatter, although she publicly disavowed these usernames in favour of using her own name in 2016.

Is Louise Pentland married?

Matt Watsonm. 2010–2014
Louise Pentland/Spouse

Who is Louise pentlands ex husband?

Matt Watson2010 – 2014
Louise Pentland/Ex-spouses

Are Tanya Burr and Zoe Sugg still friends?

Are Zoella and Tanya still friends? But despite the clear lack of content coming from their interactions, there’s actually no indication that their friendship is over. They still follow each other online and often like each others’ posts, so it’s clear they still support one another.

How old is Zoella Sugg?

31 years (March 28, 1990)
Zoe Sugg/Age

Are Zoe Sugg and Louise Pentland still friends?

We can all calm down, Louise Pentland has reassured fans that she is still friends with the original British YouTube crew, which features the likes of Zoe Sugg and Marcus Butler, following rumours the group had drifted apart.

Who is Louise pentlands sister?

Tiyana Francesca Pentland
Louise Pentland/Sisters

Are Zoe and Louise still friends?

How tall is Matt Watson?

6 ft 2 in
Matt Watson (YouTuber)

Matt Watson
Height 6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
YouTube information
Channels SuperMega
Years active 2015–present

Did Zoe and Louise fall out?

What happened to Martha Tanya Burr?

According to her, Martha died. I definitely think that’s what happened. Most likely due to some negligent behaviour from Tanya (since she had the “custody”). If it was due to natural causes, she would’ve made an IG post / story about it to let everyone know (and stop people asking).