What happened to the actor Guy Williams?

Guy Williams, who played the swashbuckling black-masked hero Zorro on television in the late 1950’s, was found dead Saturday, apparently of a heart attack, at his apartment in Buenos Aires, the Buenos Aires police said yesterday. He was 65 years old.

What nationality is Guy Williams?

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Who was Guy Williams married to?

Janice Cooperm. 1948–1983
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Why did Guy Williams leave bonanza?

The plan was to let him leave amicably, without missing a beat by reducing the number of Bonanza’s four leads. So when Roberts decided to stay for another season, Bonanza decided to put the whole issue to rest by writing Williams off the show and preserving the sanctity of the original cast.

Did Zoro actually exist?

Short answer: No. Zorro is fiction. Don Diego de la Vega, the true identity of Zorro, was a product of the pulp fiction writer, Johnston McCulley (1883–1958). The first Zorro tale appeared in the pulps in 1919.

What was Guy Williams cause of death?

Brain aneurysm
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Later in 1989, while spending solitary months in Argentina, Williams had disappeared. The local police searched his apartment in Recoleta on May 6, 1989, finding his body. He had died of a brain aneurysm.

Is Guy Williams still alive?

Deceased (1924–1989)
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How old is June Lockhart?

96 years (June 25, 1925)
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Who was the red headed kid on Bonanza?

Having begun his professional acting career at age ten, Vogel is widely known for his role as the red-headed orphan, Jamie Hunter-Cartwright on the NBC western series Bonanza, as well as for his feature film roles: as Tommy North in Yours, Mine and Ours and as Lucius McCaslin in The Reivers.

Why does little Joe always wear gloves?

Summary: Answering the burning question, “Why did Joe suddenly start wearing those black gloves?” This is a parody of the hurt/comfort genre. If it’s going to upset you that I poke a little fun at Bonanza, please do not continue to the story.

What kind of voice does Guy Williams have?

Mini Bio (1) An exceptionally handsome and charismatic performer with a serene baritone voice, Guy Williams was born Armand Joseph Catalano (nicknamed “Armando” by his family) of Italian parentage in New York City on January 14, 1924.

When was Guy Williams last on Family Feud?

One of his last appearances in the United States was on Family Feud (1976) where he joined some of the cast from Lost in Space (1965) in 1983. Had two children from his steadfast marriage to Janice Cooper. Both Steven and Antoinette (Toni) dabbled in acting.

Where was Guy Williams born and where did he die?

He retired in the early 1980s in Buenos Aires, where he died of a brain aneurysm in 1989. Guy Williams was born of Sicilian parentage on January 14, 1924, as Armando Joseph Catalano in the Washington Heights area of New York City.

Who are the kids in the Guy Williams commercial?

They had two children, Guy Steven Catalano (aka Guy Williams Jr.) and Antoinette Catalano (aka Toni Williams), both became actors. By 1950, Williams was filming some of the pioneering television commercials in the U.S.