What happened to the lead singer of Savage Garden?

After Savage Garden broke up, Jones receded into anonymity and disappeared completely from the music world. After releasing some relatively successful solo singles, the singer also seemingly disappeared and turned his back on music.

Why did Savage Garden breakup?

Indeed, Jones left Savage Garden in 2001 as he hated the lifestyle of being in a band and even being on stage. It’s who said what sometimes, it can get out of control but the reality is I never loved the lifestyle of the band or the existence of touring.

Who was lead singer of Savage Garden?

Darren Hayes
As the lead singer and songwriter of duo Savage Garden, and as a solo recording artist in his own right, Australian born Darren Hayes has held a career spanning two decades.

Does Darren Hayes still perform?

The frontman of 90s pop duo Savage Garden looks very different these days. Darren Hayes was a renowned heartthrob in his early twenties much-loved for his silky smooth vocals on hit ballads including Truly Madly Deeply. The now 47-year-old is still performing, but even die-hard fans might not recognise him now.

Who did Daniel Jones marry?

Kathleen de Leon Jonesm. 2005
Daniel Jones/Spouse

How old is Darren Hayes?

49 years (8 May 1972)
Darren Hayes/Age

Is Savage Garden a boy band?

Like those first four artists, SG were a DUO, not a group of guys. Darren was the singer, Daniel was the producer/multi-instrumentalist, both wrote all their songs, no outside material, no covers.

Where did Darren Hayes go to school?

The University of Queensland
Darren Hayes/Education

How did Savage Garden get their name Savage Garden?

The new duo was renamed Savage Garden after a phrase from The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, “Beauty was a Savage Garden”. By year’s end, the pair had enough songs for a demo tape; they sent 150 copies to various record companies around the world.

Who are the members of the band Savage Garden?

Savage Garden. Savage Garden were an Australian pop duo consisting of Darren Hayes on vocals and Daniel Jones on instruments. Formed in Logan City, Queensland, in 1994, the duo achieved international success in the end of the 1990s and beginning of the 2000s with the No. 1 hit singles ” I Want You “, “. To the Moon and Back “,…

What was the result of Savage Garden going solo?

Touring Affirmation fatally wounded Savage Garden with Jones retreating to the shadows as Hayes went solo. Both men have admirably politely declined increasingly lucrative reformation offers, letting the songs continue to ably represent them instead. In hindsight, they’ve left a short but perfectly formed legacy.

When does Savage Garden the singles Come Out?

To celebrate this 20 year milestone, a new compilation album – Savage Garden: The Singles – is on sale in stores, online and via download alongside their two beloved, multi-platinum selling albums Savage Garden and Affirmation which feature Deluxe Edition bonus discs of previously unavailable live performances and rare remixes of key songs.