What happens at the end of the producers Kdrama?

The show ends with Seung Chan helping the now bare bones Cindy (she’s no longer with a management company, she does it herself) carry her luggage into the station. Maybe there’s a chance for romance but right now, there are smiles and friendship growing between them. The final epilogue time jumps 3 months.

What is the producers about Kdrama?

An aspiring prosecutor who decides to join KBS because of his secret crush on a KBS employee. He becomes a rookie PD (producer-director) with the variety/entertainment division. A famous singer and celebrity who debuted as a trainee when she was 13 years old.

Who is the couple in the producers?

Have you followed the latest Korean Drama ‘Producer’ starring 4 big Korean stars like Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun and IU? If you haven’t, you should be!

What was the catalyst for Doug to end the affair?

I recently came to this conclusion after a comment that Doug made a couple of weeks ago about what pushed him to think about ending his emotional affair. He said that my reaction when I reviewed the phone logs was a catalyst for him to end the affair, but that ending the affair was still a process.

Is it possible to end an emotional affair?

But emotional intimacy with a person outside of the relationship can erode and eventually destroy the marriage or partnership. Realistically, ending an emotional affair offers the only way to avoid the turmoil and negativity that will inevitably overtake your marriage and potentially end it.

How did my affair with Doug affect my relationship?

But again this wasn’t enough to end the affair. The pleading, crying and begging had little effect. The only repercussion was that it forced Doug to make an effort in our relationship to curb my emotions, insecurity and to lesson his guilt. It also forced him to lie and sneak around even more.

How did Dan and Sherri end their affair?

Dan has been in an affair with Sherri for the last 17 months. After much thought and consideration – not to mention a lot of waffling back and forth between Sherri and his wife, Lisa – he finally decided to end the affair. So, on a Friday he went to Lisa and told her he decided to stay and that he wanted to work on their marriage.