What happens if the cops catch you ding dong ditching?

Police say anyone who’s caught ding-dong ditching will be arrested for trespassing.

Why is it illegal to ding dong ditch?

Ding Dong Ditch is a game where a person rings a homeowner’s doorbell then runs away. Although this is considered a game, it is trespassing and harassment.

Is it illegal to ring a doorbell and run away?

Knock out ginger, ring-and-run – whatever you call it, knocking on a neighbour’s door and running away is, as well as being really annoying for the inhabitant, actually illegal.

What does ding dong ditching mean?

Ding-dong ditch, the childhood prank that involves ringing someone’s doorbell and then running away before the unsuspecting victim can see who came to the door, was played by generations of young rascals until doorbell cameras took away all the fun.

Can you go to jail for playing ding dong ditch?

It is illegal to ding dong ditch. It’s considered a trespass. The first time it’s a warning, second time arrest.

How much trouble can you get in for ding dong ditching?

Here is a brief rundown of the sentencing possibilities: For a Class C misdemeanor, the maximum penalty is a $500 fine. For a Class B misdemeanor, the maximum find is raised to $2,000 and you can also be sent to jail up to 180 days (about 6 months).

Can you go to jail for ding dong ditch?

Is it safe to ding dong ditch?

Don’t take it too far. Ding dong ditch can bring you and your friends together, but it also impacts the lives of the people whose doorbells you ring. Do not use this game to harass or target anyone. Have a good time, but don’t get too carried away.

How much trouble can u get in for ding dong ditching?

If you smash it, you are intentionally damaging it and depriving the owner of his or her ability to enjoy it. A criminal charge in such cases can range from a Class C misdemeanor (if the value of the pumpkin was less than $100) to a state jail felony (if it was an award-winning pumpkin valued at more than $2,500).

Why is it called Nicky Nicky Nine door?

Another prank they did was called Nicky-Nicky-Nine-Doors. This was when there were nine guys in their group, and each of the nine guys would go to a door, like, to nine houses in a row, and they’d all ring the doorbell at the same time at all …

Why is it called a Ding Dong?

History and naming The Ding Dong is similar to other cream-filled cakes such as Arcade Vachon’s Jos. Louis introduced before 1934. Hostess began marketing its Ding Dong in 1967. The name was given to coincide with a television ad campaign featuring a ringing bell.