What happens when you kill a Wendigo until dawn?

Sam or Mike will ignite the explosion regardless, killing all Wendigos inside. After the events, if Josh is killed, all of the Wendigos are dead. However, if he survived, then a Wendigo spirit will possess him and he will begin to transform.

Is Beth a Wendigo?

Beth and Hannah are the first two characters to witness and encounter a Wendigo (not counting The Stranger). Ella Lentini, Hannah and Beth’s voice actress, was also part of the original cast when the game was developed for the PS3, alongside Noah Fleiss, Chris’ voice actor, and Brett Dalton, Mike’s voice actor.

Can Emily turn into a Wendigo?

Emily can fall into a grinding mill while escaping from a Wendigo, crushing her legs and lower abdomen. Emily can be shot in the eye by Mike, who fears that her bite will turn her into a Wendigo. Emily can be burned alive in the lodge if Sam chooses to run for the switch too early.

Can you save Mike’s fingers?

BUTTERFLY EFFECT UPDATE (Amputate Fingers): If you amputate Mike’s two fingers, he’ll still be able to keep the machete intact for use in Chapter 9….At What Price.

AMPUTATE FINGERS Mike still had a useable machete

What happens if Mike shoots Emily?

If Emily was bitten, she will report Mike’s attempts of trying to shoot her, commenting on how you can date a guy for however long, and think you know him, but this “really takes the cake.” If Mike shot her, he will confess to being the one to have killed her.

Does Emily turn into a Wendigo in until dawn?

But in Episode 8, a Wendigo Emily gets chased by a Wendigo in the mines. Later in Episode 8, Emily goes to the “safe room” in the basement with the others. Ashley notices the bite on her neck and starts freaking out about how Emily is infected, will become a Wendigo, and will turn and kill them all.

How do you save Jessica in until dawn?

How to Save Jessica in Until Dawn Chapter 4

  1. Risk Shortcut instead of Follow Path.
  2. Jump Down instead of Go Around.
  3. Jump instead of Shimmy.
  4. Risk Slide Down instead of Follow Path.

Who are the Wendigos in the book until dawn?

As described by the Native American Cree legends, they were humans who have been mutated into cannibalistic monsters after being possessed by the Wendigo spirit, causing them to eat the flesh of other humans. One Wendigo roams free on Blackwood Mountain, stalking and potentially killing the group members through the night.

Who are the antagonists in the book until dawn?

The Wendigos are the revealed antagonists of Until Dawn. They were humans who have been changed by a Native American spirit into cannibalistic monsters after eating the flesh of other humans because of starvation.

How did Hannah survive the fall of the Wendigo?

The Stranger was hunting the Wendigo, but could not save the two girls from their deaths. However, Hannah survived the fall with a broken leg and wrote a diary from paper she found within the mines. During the month that she was trapped, she began to starve.

What happens to wendigos when they lose their hair?

Wendigos also lose their hair and eventually lose their male and female characteristics, becoming skeletal in appearance. They will retain any tattoo or alterations to their skin, such as Hannah ‘s tattoo and Billy ‘s scar. Wendigos are recorded to have some set behavior patterns.